Friday, February 5, 2016

Rockman Sets Up Shop at Animate Japan

Leading up to the launch of Rockman Classics Collection, Capcom has partnered with select Animate shops for a special in-store promotion. Retails have created dedicated Rockman corner (har har har) featuring oodles of goods. It's an all-out invasion.

For those in Japan, the promotion runs from February 6th to the 28th at the main store in Ikebukuro.  The Osaka Nippombashi store will carry it from Feb 20th to March 6th. Some of the goods on sale include an Air Man parka, Robot Master face towels, stickers, clear files, E-Tank beverages and more general Rockman stuff. Head over here for images. The 20-something-year-old Rockman statue (see first tweet) will be available at Ikebukuro for photo ops.


  1. I would want those rockman and rockman x manga's in the picture really badly.

  2. Cool atuff. And hey, is that the same Mega Man that used to be in Capcom's front door?

  3. Whoa! Does those E-cans have real food/drinks in it? I'd probably won't open it :)

    1. The smaller E-Cans are actual sports drinks, whereas the bigger ones are chocolate chunks.

      Just keep the latter away from Rush. :p

  4. That Airman hoodie is pretty sweet


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