Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rockman EXE Manga Artist Wants to Make One More Chapter

A couple weeks ago, Rockman EXE manga artist Ryo Takamisaki posted a curious teaser image on Twitter. Today, we have a better idea what that's all about.

Takamisaki recently published the following message on his homepage. Emphasis mine:

"Congratulations on 15 years of Rockman.EXE. And, thank you to all the fans that continue supporting me even now.

My manga began being published in CoroCoro Comic around the same time that the first Rockman.EXE game was released, and it was an honor to be able to be involved in the series until it ended. I started using Twitter in late 2014 and have received tons of messages from fans who read the comic back in the day, and I truly feel like Rockman.EXE is a treasure in my career as a manga artist.

On this 15th anniversary, I was very excited and felt fortunate and blessed to show off new illustrations at events like Hobby Rock and Rockman.EXE Hanayashiki Mission, but I kept thinking about how it would be impossible for everyone to see these drawings because they did not have time for the events or did not live close enough. That was why I decided to make this new drawing and publish it on my homepage, where there are very few restrictions on who can view it. 

In commemoration of Rockman.EXE's 15th anniversary, I drew a picture in the theme of an unofficial storyboard called "Their Journey" that I mentioned on Twitter a while back but have been procrastinating on making. However, this is just something that I made up and not an official story by Capcom. This is just a personal project, so please do not misunderstand."

The image in question can be found here. First link is for a smaller version and underneath is a link to the original size, but he requests that you answer one of his surveys to download that.

Takamisaki continues:

"By the way...this is the story of "Their Journey".

"If you asked me what I wanted to draw, there's a story in Rockman.EXE that I never got to tell. It happens before the part in the final chapter, when Rockman returns to Netto. Rockman, who was blown away to the end of the digital world, travels with Forte and finally returns. I can't turn it into a full manga, but I want to at least draw a rough draft. Please be patient."

The series' 15th anniversary kicks off March 21st. Being a full-time artist and author, one shouldn't hold it against Takamisaki if he can't finish the draft in time. Offering words of encouragement, though, is the least one can do.

We'll wait and see how this one plays out.

Thanks to Sensei Hanzo for the translation!


  1. Awesome idea of story, it can be really cool !! Thank you Ryo Takamisaki, rockman exe!

  2. What the deuce??? Where is the info about the trailer of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 at the magfest?? Brian you let me down.

    1. Sorry, friend. After some deliberation,I won't be covering Gunvolt news. Skybane's blog will have you covered, though.

    2. No problem (proto)dude!!


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