Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Closer Look at the Limited Edition Rockman Classics Collection

Hot on the heels of Destructoid's Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector's Edition unboxing, Rockman Unity brings us an up-close look at its Japanese counterpart. What's inside the blue box?

The limited edition pack is quite different from our own. As previously reported, it will include the game, post-its, and a pocket-sized planner containing Dr. Light's Research Journal. These pages chronicle Dr. Light's musings during the events of the classic series, dazzled with interesting information.

You can read a few of those here courtesy of #20. Though it's speculated most these entries previously appeared in 1991's Rockman Character Collection, new material has been strongly hinted. We'll know for sure by the end of next week.

Rockman Classics Collection hits Japan on February 25th. See more of the limited edition pack here.


  1. I was expecting everything to be inside a box, the planner (and box) looks really good.

  2. Disappointment. The limited edition is a piece of trash. It is just a notebook and useless! Nah, I will buy just a game for under 30 dollars instead of 100 dollars something. What a useless! Sighing.

  3. Man look how much better the box art looks with some color instead of that green tint!

    1. Nah, US box makes Mega "pop" more since it is his legacy.

  4. Just saw the detail on the Rockman Unity. The planner looks actually great and well -designed!

  5. I must say, I do like that redrawn MM1 title screen art on the box. Some relatively interesting extra stuff too.


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