Thursday, February 18, 2016

Give Your Gold Mega Man Amiibo a Nice Display Box

To the dismay of Amiibo collectors, the 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector's Edition gold Mega Man Amiibo does not come with its own label. What you get is a  generic blank plastic case. That kinda stinks, right?

To remedy this little flub, Amiibo News and Seth Hey designed two custom gold Mega Man labels. Simply download the high quality images here, print them out on some solid cardstock and voila! An awesome-looking package ready for display. You've got a couple days to get yours primed and ready in time for MMLC's 3DS debut on Tuesday, February 23rd. Enjoy!

Source: Amiibo News


  1. How do I open it up to put it on the box without damaging the box?

    1. Glue it to the back on the generic package.


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