Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mega Man X Nendoroid is Coming

By way of WonderFest 2016, Good Smile Company have announced plans for a Mega Man X Nendoroid figure. Information is spare at this time. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Good Smile Co.


  1. I'll probably get X. Though coming right after the Mega Man nendoroid, X isn't too exciting. Unless he was donning one of his armor sets but safe to say that won't be the case. X2 armor would be sick tho.

  2. We now need a Megaman Volnutt figure either be it a nendoroid,figma, or a cupoche and we are set.

  3. I wish we could get someone other than the usual Mega Man, Roll, Protoman, X and Zero. It would be nice to get a few Robot Masters every now and then.

    1. Damn straight, I'm sure this X neonderoid will be great and I'll probably pick one up, but I want Star Force, ZX and Legends characters, and if not those some Robot Masters. I'd've said Battle Network but it seems like they've heard some voices regarding that.

  4. This and the 4 inch Rockman and EXE figures its gonna be great year.

  5. Oh no.. other figures!!! No games.. I know, I know. Complaint about demanding a new games.. So! We want games and not a piece of junk of figures in our house!!!

  6. praying for command mission figures even tho they'll never happen


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