Monday, August 25, 2014

Sample the Mega Man 2 Medley from Super Smash Bros.

Crisp and clean, devoid of distracting sound effects. For your listening pleasure, here's Nintendo's official release of Mega Man's Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U theme. Namco's Rio Hamamoto oversaw the arrangement. He is perhaps best known for his work on the Tekken franchise, among others.

Gotta say, listening to this non-stop brings back wonderful feelings of Mega Man's initial reveal. The first time that footage rolled... man, the hype was real. So good!



  1. Meh. I guess that's how I feel after hearing this music arranged (with more preferable instruments and compositions) for the thousandth time before.

    Also every character and their mom (a lot of which I dislike) being in Smash takes out the magic of MM being in there. Well, for me personally and honestly. Still like the game somewhat tho.

    1. I agree completely. The arrangement, as well as the songs themselves, aren't terrible in the least, but it doesn't change the fact that they're severely overdone.

    2. At least it's a medley to be fair, meaning it's possible to entirely shut it off and not have to listen to it the entire time you play smash.

      Also... 'Also every character and their mom (a lot of which I dislike) being in Smash takes out the magic of MM being in there.' Not sure how I feel about this statement

    3. @Anon2: You don't have to feel anything. Although I personally think the reason crossovers and such use to be special, were due to them being rare and even privileged. Nowadays whenever companies want to market something CROSSOVER, GUEST APPEARANCE in your face, all day, everyday. The shock of it happening just got stale. Then Nintendo presented MM in Smash with such force, people couldn't believe their eyes. Sakurai then states how special it was that MM got in, and that this time the roster would stay small as to give more attention to the characters, with around 28 characters for the final build.

      Fast forward to when Nintendo's marketing team got hold of the project and is using it to makeup for their losses on the WiiU, and we have 49 characters and counting (one of which is a create-a-character). and custom move-sets for all. Not to mention Sonic is back, and if the incredibly reliable sources are true Snake is back, Pacman's in and clones are back as well. Nintendo figures put requested characters in, plus minimal effort by overlaying them on preexisting move-sets and models with slight differences, equals killing two birds with one stone.

      All of this isn't bad per se, (at least to me anyway) it just, like I've said before, takes away the magic or for lack of a better word specialness of MM being in there for me. That's just the way I feel. I wouldn't be surprise at many more 3rd party character DLCs down the line.

    4. ...this has got to be the first time I've EVER seen someone actually complain about there being TOO MANY characters in Smash Bros. I swear, the MM fandom will find ANY reason to complain, at this point, it's starting to seem. MM being in Smash Bros. is HUGE, regardless of how big the roster is. Not just ANY 3rd party character gets into Smash Bros., you know. =/

    5. Actually that's exactly the point, right now it feels any reasonable 3rd party character could make it in. If Capcom said no to MM, NIntendo would just get another popular character from someone else. They'd probably be even better off with a popular Square-Enix character like Chrono or something. It might catch more eyes than MM even.

      Also what are you talking about? People complain about too much characters in fighters/games like Smash all the time. It can cause Imbalance in gameplay, imbalance in character development (if rushed too much at once), and creates things like clones and such. Plus I'm not even complaining. If there was a new MM game coming out tomorrow, and I was spoiled for it the day before, then tomorrow I'd be less hype at its announcement. If I told you the reason I wasn't as hype that day, would that be complaining? I don't think there's anything wrong with MM being in Smash or that the character roster is big right now, all I'm doing is telling you the reasons I'm not all that hyped for MM in Smash is all. I was initially, but not anymore.

    6. Actually one last thing that irks me. I am a MM fan first and foremost, you can give me a hundred plus Pokemon characters (which my not even be hyperbole due to pokeballs), or 50 Mario characters, or whatever exaggerated amount of Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus etc characters and it won't get me hype as a MM fan. Gimme a break.

      Also that's a really snobby attitude, that 'it's lucky MM is in Smash at all, be thankful', yeah well I'll judge how lucky he is, when I play the game. So far tho, he's unlucky that he has to get a kickass new design, model and CG trailer from Smash, cause his own parent company won't do it, and it takes Smash just for him to get significantly noticed.

  2. I think this sounds great! I'm pretty curious to see if there's more songs in the medley than what we've heard. I am also pumped for whatever other songs make it in the game. Part of the reason I love to play in Green Hill Zone from brawl is due to sonics outstanding music tracks. Here's to the greatness that will be Mega-Smash!


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