Thursday, August 14, 2014

Battle Chip Challenge Now Available on NA Virtual Console

The second week of "Mega August" is upon us and it brings Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge on Wii U. The midquel, which takes place between Battle Network 3 and Battle Network 4, will run you $6.99 from the Nintendo eShop.

Three games down, two to go. Will next week bring us Mega Man 6? Or Mega Man X3? Personally, I'm rooting for the later. Then again it couldn't hurt to have MM6 out of the way (thus completing the NES lineup). We'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Meh. This is the worst game in the Battle Network series, and one of the worst Mega Man games in general, alongside X6-X7, Xover, and the DOS games.

    I hope EXE 4.5 Real Operation and Mega Man & Bass (either SFC or GBA, or both!) are also released in the future.

    1. X6 isn't anywhere near as bad as those.

    2. Exe 4.5 was only japanese but it could be awesome to have it english specially :p

      Hey protodudes, is it possible to know the sales/ranking with the others games, with the megaman games?
      It can give hopes! :D

      Nice to see the first EXE game was liked, apparently? :)

    3. It's cool to hate on X6 now, don't you know? Society says so.

      X6 is sooo bad it gets 8.5-8 reviews from major publications, people still play near perfect, masterful letsplays and share their experience on popular video sharing sites, and say they like the game. (sarcasm just to be safe)

      Also X7 isn't anywhere near as bad as MMCC either. 90% of the people who hate the game are bandwagon haters that don't know much about the game, and exaggerates things to fit their means. But I digress

      I like the original content X-Over offers, even if I didn't think of it as a game. I'd say it's a good, FREE, time spending app, that I feel is rewarding. I often wanna push to the next level just to see the next set of artwork I'd attain, or music that would come, or characters they'd introduce, stuff like that.

      But MMBCC is the absolute epitome of bad game design. Worst of all, I spent 30 gat-dang bucks on it originally. I never felt more ripped off before in my life. It has good music though (don't need the game for that) and the two new Navi/characters have neat designs (again just look up their artwork online, no need for the game). Here I'll even help you (---) There you go, now you can sit there and wish they were in a better game like 4.5 "REAL" Operation.

  2. Actually that's not a bad idea, why don't we nag Capcom to release 4.5 over to the west? I mean Capcom JP won't need to do much work and they can get free money, while Capcom of America or whatever gets to give MMBN fans what they really want, and not this pose of a BN game.


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