Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mega Man X3 Blasts Its Way to Wii U Virtual Console

Capping off the "Mega August" festivities, Mega Man X3 has launched on the Wii U Virtual Console. As always, this Super NES classic will run you $7.99. Unlike X1 and X2, X3 wasn't originally available on Wii, so there won't be an upgrade discount this time around. Just throwing that out there.

Looking ahead to future North America Virtual Console releases, we've got Mega Man 7, Battle Network 2 & 3, and Mega Man Zero 1 & 2. We'll be seeing a majority of those before the end of the year. More updates when they become available!


  1. Finally glad I'll be able to play again. A cart is so hard to come by as is the X collection.

  2. It would be lovely to play this game again without the PS1 updates, though I don't mind them. Still, this is the way the game should be played. ^^

  3. Nintendo can't share this digital download with wii vc owners please! Not To mention Another great tile Yoshi's island snes. And most like many more that the wii vc never realsed,it pisses me off.


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