Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here's Nearly an Hour's Worth of "Mighty Gunvolt" Gameplay

Mighty Gunvolt, Inti Creates' three-way collaboration between Mighty No. 9, Azure Strike Gunvolt and Gal Gun, has launched on Japan's Nintendo 3DS eShop (on the very day it was announced, no less). As we patiently wait to hear details on an English release (edit: here we go!), VixyNyan has recorded nearly an hour's worth of gameplay to tide you over.

As you'll see, the spirit of classic Mega Man gameplay is alive and well. See it after the jump!

Worth a mention before you proceed: those of you concerned about certain Gal Gun implications, worry not. Ekoro's inclusion is harmless. Random, yes, but nothing to get worked up about. You'll be hard pressed to find anything remotely inappropriate here.

Thanks, Vixy!


  1. I made a post in the other post. But I'll do it here too.

    If other games are being promoted into this campaign advertisement for another company with this one, it's completely logical for them to plug Gal * Gun in. Having personally played it when it came out. For it's genre, the game isn't half bad. It's packed with content and pretty good replay value.

    I think English fans seem to fail at looking at things one-sided again. It's to advertise Mighty No. 9 and other games from the two companies. It's obviously non-canon and more of a fun side game. I think because of this, it's pretty much unnecessary for localization. And I think people aren't going to be too happy whatever mess happens for the localization outcome of this. Either beg for it to come blindly if it doesn't come, or insult Gal Gun because you haven't played it. A game that's a completely different genre than this, and has nothing to do with anything other than being produced by III.

    In the end, this is what it is.

  2. This game is actually not that bad, It's 8-bit MM without level select or boss weapons, but still...

  3. You know, I just had a thought about this.

    I can understand when Capcom decides to make MM-styled 8-bit sprites of characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and even Okami and stuff, because Mega Man is still a property they own. But Mighty No 9, Gunvolt and pretty sure Gun Gal are not, and yet here their sprites are clearly based off the MM 8-bit sprites. It's more noticeable with Beck especially. Is it really right for them to be doing this?

    Or maybe it just looks that way to me.

    1. If this is wrong, than MN9 had been wrong this whole time.

      I mean, a little blue(ish) robot boy with a helmet, gun arm, MM-esque-anatomy and the ability to take powers from bosses/enemie robots he's beaten. Along with a blonde haired, bow-tied, ponytailed, little companion, wearing a mostly red, short skirt dress. He also has a scientist that created him called Dr. White (similarly to light) who's also created 8 other robots that turned evil, and guessing from the concepts a red robot dog. The little blue robot has to beat the other 8 robots, collecting their powers and using them in the process. I'm also guessing he will have a mostly red and yellow (scarf) colored rival/mentor, if the stories are true about MN7.

      That's just character design and story theme, barely even mentioning gameplay similarities know so far.

    2. I was talking about the sprites, not so much everything else. Forget it then.

    3. I know what I'm saying is if copying MM was the wrong thing to do, than it would have been wrong long before the sprite style used in Mighty Gunvolt.

      For example, Akira Toriyama character designs for Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Blue Dragon, each developed and published under different companies when they were originally created, thus making them have very similar looking character designs. I've never heard moral or legal action taken for the similarities tho. Heck a lot of over-world SNES/NES RPGs had similar spite work I'd say more so than MG to MM.

    4. Capcom owns the characters, not the art style.

      Simple as that.

    5. Actually they also own the character designs. If Beck was just Mega Man except with a circle instead of a square on his forehead, I think Capcom can file for infringing on the likeliness of the original in that case.

  4. "You'll be hard pressed to find anything remotely inappropriate here."

    I just breathed a sigh of relief there. :)

  5. This is really neat. The controlling doesn't look as tight as MegaMan games, and it could use a little bit more detail. But it looks simple and fun.

    I don't have anything against GalGun (some ecchi games are a guilty pleasure of mine). But I really wish they were somehow able to get Rokko-chan in here instead.


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