Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Europe: Mega Man III Now Available on 3DS

Good news, friends east of the Atlantic. If you didn't hear, Game Boy Mega Man III arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can buy this portable classic for €3.99/£3.59. With this one out of the way, you can look forward to Mega Man IV and Mega Man V in the coming weeks.

And really, not much else to say than that!

Source: Cubed3


  1. oooh. I do want that one!. Megaman II was out for a while but I am not really sure if I want it as well... IV and V are obligatory of course. Is it worth it having the whole GB collection on 3DS? (or in my case, 2DS? shut up, it's cheaper, I don't care.)

    1. I'd say yes. Mega Man II is a lot better than most people give it credit for, and I'm saying this as someone who's not so fond of its console counterpart.


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