Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mighty No. 9 PC Beta Launches Today

At this year's PAX, Keiji Inafune's panel played host to another look at Mighty No. 9. Audiences were treated to two new trailers: the first, a gameplay b-roll featuring new stages and transformations (Mighty No. 7), and the second focusing entirely on "Online Race Battle" mode.

What's more, Inafune and his team announced that a beta version of the game will be sent out to eligible backers (beta reward tier or higher) within 24 hours. Though the beta is only one stage, Inafune states additional stages will be made available at a later date. Feedback from fans will help influence the final game.

If you're not a backer, Inafune hopes to have the game up on Steam Early Access to share it with a broader audience. Nothing is set in stone yet, so keep those fingers crossed. For everyone, check your inboxes!

Lastly, Comcept is also holding on a special event called "Mighty Month,” where fans can celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter through contests, trivia, interviews, and more. For more details, hit up the official forums.  


  1. Okay I'm on board now. This game is looking a little more okie dokie.

  2. This game is looking better and better.

  3. The airship at 1:10 looks suspiciously like The Flutter! Anyone else notice the resemblance there?

  4. Game looks amazing! Can't wait until it comes out.

  5. Well... I've seen it in action (a friend of mine streamed it before it crashed) and I'm still not impressed.

    "Oh no, here comes that Joseph guy."
    "This guy is just mad because Inafune didn't fail."
    "His points aren't even valid because he doesn't like the game and he didn't even back it."

    I think I covered most of the usual responses. Now here's another:
    "People wanted another Mega Man and that's exactly what they're getting." Sort of.

    At first glance, it plays almost exactly like Mega Man X8 (without the wall jump) but looks somewhat like Mega Man Powered Up. There's also an extremely heavy emphasis on dashing -- not just for powering up, but for navigating levels. It's nothing we haven't seen at least a couple-dozen times before in the Mega Man multi-series... and that's more than likely the point. It wants to be Mega Man/X. It wants to be that so hard, it loses its own identity in the world of gaming. And that's my problem with this game.
    What exactly sets it apart from Mega Man exactly? The way you obtain power-ups by dashing through enemies? You can't tell me the character designs don't look like they came out of Mega Man Universe. Or the storyline didn't come from Mega Man itself. Or how about the whole "shoot-and-jump" style of gameplay? Clearly, there's not a whole lot of originality coming from this game. Etherwise it wouldn't be considered a "Mega Man-alike" by so many people.

    Let's compare this to Shovel Knight for a minute. One could argue that Shovel Knight was trying to be DuckTales or Zelda II or whatnot. Yes, it copied a lot of game mechanics from a variety of places. However, that game didn't just rely on those gimmicks to get by. It did things differently. It changed things up. It went in ways you didn't necessarily expect. In short, it was its own game. This, though? This just feels like a radical modification of Mega Man X8 more than anything else.

    But again. That is more than likely the whole point of the project. People wanted Mega Man, so Keiji Inafune is giving them Mega Man. Again.

    I'll try it if a demo comes out, just to give it a "fair shake"... but my opinion remains unchanged as of now.

    1. I have a response that you didn't quite cover-

      "Your stance seems to be that the game is fine and harmless but just doesn't appeal to you. Why, then, do you feel the need to voice your dissatisfaction at every possible juncture instead of just ignoring it and moving on?"

      You statements seem to boil down to "this is fine, but it's not what I want", and "I am going point out, at length, things that absolutely everyone is aware of, in fact I will explicitly acknowledge that absolutely everyone is aware of them. Many, many, MANY times over."
      I could be wrong, but I feel like that's the main reason you're infamous on this site. Not because you hate MN9, but because you're a very verbose broken record about things that merit being said only once or not at all. Also, you do come of VERY strongly as wanting really bad to dislike MN9 as much as possible and by any means possible. Like I've heard plenty of people talk bad about MN9 but still come across as going into things with an open mind. You do not come cross like that at all, less so than possibly anyone I've seen. And you just generally have a sort of abrasive attitude.

      That aside, I feel you're strictly judging the game on it's ability to differentiate itself from Megaman and willfully ignoring all the positive points it has (and indeed some of the negative points it has) in the name of that. And if individuality is all you value in a game or if having similarity to another game just completely ruins a game for you, well then that's your taste and no one can change it. Personally, though, it seems like a waste to not enjoy a good game because you have a problem with one aspect of it. Especially one aspect that's more of an artistic conceptual issue than anything to do with the game itself. I also find it silly that from other posts you seem to be totally up for more Megaman games, but not for games that are like Megaman but not Megaman. But whatever.

      As for Shovel Knight, I don't know what you're talking about. Mostly because you statement was vague to the point where it says essentially nothing, but also because I did not find anything at all particularly creative about Shovel Knight. In fact from what I've seen so far, I'd say MN9 strikes me as more unique than Shovel Knight is. The difference is that most of what MN9 draws from other games, it draws from Megaman, whereas shovel Knight draws from about 4 games or so (Zelda 2, Megaman, Ducktales, Castilvania, lil' bit of Mario 3 in there) and mixes and mashes them and puts a midevil skin over them, so I suppose the game has more of a unique identity, but there were very few points were I felt it "did things differently" or "changed it up". I do get those impressions from what I've seen of MN9. I was honestly just thinking yesterday when I finished Gunvolt, another Megaman clone, which of the two plat formers I've played this year I liked better, and I thought "well Shovel Knight is a much better made game, but Gunvolt was way more creative and a more unique experience". Overall I like Shovel Knight much better because it is a DAMN well made game, but it's the last thing I would use to preach the importance of uniqueness. Hell I'd use it for the exact opposite, a good example of how a game doesn't need originality to be worth playing if it's fantastically made.

      Oh, and the character designs don't look at all like they came out of Megaman Universe at all to me. I'd say Battle Network if anything.

    2. Just because something's not original, doesn't make it not fun

    3. "Complaining about a MegaMan spiritual successor looking too much like a MegaMan game, on a MegaMan news blog full of MegaMan fans."

      That's smart, I fail to see why WE should be angry but okay, I hope Capcom repays your nitpicking about franchises well, with more quality actual MM games: like SFxMM, Rockman Xover or another joke cameo like the SFxTekken one.

    4. As a becker who has played the demo, I can say this:
      While the game definitely feels like a Megaman-style game, it does fine with keeping its own identity.
      If anything, it reminds me more of Gunvolt than MM/X, in that you attack your enemies a few times, then use your unique-move to score combos on them (plus, it has the 'run-dash' like Gunvolt, that lets you rapidly press the dash button to go faster).

    5. @Kamikazek: You had me until your contention for originality and Shovel Knight. For one you're contradicting yourself by saying it takes influence from a multitude of other games and melds them to form a unique identity, whilst also not doing anything differently or changing it up, which it did inherit in mixing different aspects to form it's own identity to begin with.

      Also Battle Network is Mega Man, in fact it's title is MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK (all caps is not to emphasize, but is literally how it's written), and are you kidding me? Beck is just a suped up classic Rockman with intricate details on his exterior, Call is the same for Roll. The only difference I see is the art-style were as Rockman is drawn with thin long irises/eye lens, beck is drawn with big round ones etc. Design wise tho look at Rockman.EXE himself, you can say well my previous example supports Beck looking like EXE cause they both have big round eyes. well even then Beck's are drawn circularly, while EXE's is more oval-like. Look at Rock.EXE's limbs, body form and color arrangements then compare that to Beck's. The reason why I use these as examples, is because they are both templates for their series' design direction. There are way more characters that follow Rockman.EXE's human-like proportions in the EXE series, rather than the petite bodies, large forearms. legs, feet and hands the classic designs have, I can't say the same for MN9.

      Although MN6 does look closer to to GyroMan.EXE than Gyro Man. Point being this Rockman classic without being Rockman classic. Along with some design traits from the artist (who incidentally also designed Rockman.EXE characters).

  6. Everything shown so far is looking very softcore. Not to mention tired.

    They also seem pretty determined to make the music suck. :/

  7. I know it's still under work, but anyone noticed that Mighty No. 7's lifebar has Mighty No. 5's face instead of his own?


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