Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rockman X Sound BOX Due in December

According to a product listing at Rakuten and VGMdb, Capcom intends to release a 12-disc Rockman X soundtrack collection tentatively titled "Rockman X Sound BOX." It's due in Japan on December 18th, priced at 12,600 Yen (roughly $127.32 US).  It would appear Devil May Cry is getting the "sound BOX" treatment, too. That one's a 4-disc set.

No images or track listings at the moment. More news at it comes.

Source: Rakuten, VGMdb


  1. 12 disc?.

    X1-X6: 5 disc
    X7: 1 disc
    X8: 1 disc
    CM: 1 disc.
    IHX: 1 disc.
    Alpha-lyla: 1 disc

    Verly likely that they will have new stuff there.

    1. You forgot the Xtreme games.

    2. Well, those never got a CD release, that's what I mean with "new stuff".

  2. You have to do better than that Capcom.

  3. Near a game?.... .-.

  4. Any bets on guessing this would be eventually canceled on the go?

  5. Oh great, another half-assed overpriced re-release of existing music that they will probably mess up somehow (like they did with MM1 and MM2 on the E-CAN). Whoopty ****ing doo. Just wither and die already, Capcom. You uncaring Mega Man rapists.

  6. Nice try, Capcom. You disgusting me. NO THANKS! Here I come, Mighty No. 9.

  7. Oh hey, it's more music that we already own, but in probably even worse quality.

    Back to DD Hokuto no Ken!

  8. For some reason CDs are horribly expensive in Japan. I remember buying the soundtrack for Bust a Groove back in the 90s from an importer that sold items at the exchange rate without markup or shipping (they were one of a small number of US stores in a chain of bookstores based in Japan) and it was over $40. For ONE CD.

    This will probably be a Japan exclusive, so I suppose the pricing fits the market.


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