Thursday, September 12, 2013

Matsumae Previews Mighty No. 9 Music, Talks Mega Man and Inafune

It's so great to hear Manami Matsumae's work again. The veteran Mega Man composer will be handling Mighty No. 9's musical score, and today she's here with a little sneak peek. Check out the video above to hear some lovely new music and a few words about her experience in the game industry and working with Keiji Inafune.

Rock on, Matsumae!


  1. What? No comments?! I can't believe this! This is the person responsible for the music and sound effects in the VERY FIRST Rockman game!

    Any way, Matsumae is great! I recently bought a collab album called World 1-2 (Some greats and OCR guys worked on it) and her track "One Shot, One Kill" sounds amazing. She also did an original composition in a doujin Rockman album called "Mega Rock Carnival" called "Fighting Sadness." It's the very first track. It's also pretty neat!

    I'm so glad she's gonna be working on this game's soundtrack. It surely won't disappoint!

  2. The preview music wasn't only simple, it was boring as poop. But I'm sure she has better stuff in store.

    Besides Mega Man, I don't really know her for her VGM. The only classic game besides Mega Man that comes to my mind right now is the second Batman Game Boy game.

    I really like her recent Mega Man stuff, anyway (the Cutman Mix on Chiptuned Rockman, and Nitroman).


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