Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mighty No. 9 Unlocks Online Co-Op Mode

Illustration by AwesomeBeaudu 

The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter has hit a little over $2.75 million in funding, unlocking the highly anticipated online co-op challenge mode. As one might recall, this mode has users taking control of Beck AND Call taking on a batch of remixed levels similar to the game's challenge mode.

With three days remaining, there's only four stretch goals left to conquer. Next up is the intro stage and boss at $2.9 million. I'm pretty confident we can nab that... but it's going to take a pretty big push to get us to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and handheld versions.

The fifth and final stretch goal is still a mystery....


  1. I'm happy we got this one. I'm just hoping we can choose to play as Call, rather than just being Beck while the other person /looks/ like Call.

  2. My money's on the final stretch goal being a single player Call campaign.

    1. Don't say that.... please.... I don't want to feel bad we wont get it............

  3. I may very well get or contribute to this game, now.

    Something fairly new, and let's face it, progressive.
    Hell I wouldn't mind playing as Call. I plan on playing NSMW3D as Peach, because I've missed that option since SMB2USA.

  4. "Beck will get a faithful sidekick to swoop in with special powers at his time of greatest need!"

    Support Character ? Sidekick ?!?! Does that mean Beck is going to have a faithful brand new robo-dog like Rush ? I would love that!


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