Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mega Man #33 Cover and Solicitation (Updated)

This hauntingly beautiful cover belongs to Mega Man issue 33 from Archie Comics. "Unplugged" immediately follows the events of the "Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon" arc. If the solicitation is to be believed, this one is going to be mighty interesting:

"The critically acclaimed Mega Man series continues with the dramatic, action-packed epilogue to the 'Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon' storyline in, 'Unplugged'! The battle against the sinister alien being known as Ra Moon has ended, and Mega Man's final fate remains in doubt! With major repairs looming, and Rock's future as a super fighting robot in question, Dr. Light must work to restore our hero to his former glory. This may be a job that even Dr. Light can't handle, but at least he's got some help from his trusty pal Dr. Wily. Wait! Why on earth is the evil scientist helping to save the Blue Bomber? And how far will Dr. Wily go to remain free? Featuring cover art from Brent McCarthy and a special variant cover from Mega Man artist supreme Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante!"

No sign of Spaz's variant cover yet. We'll keep you posted! UPDATE: Added. Holy crap.

Source: Bumbleking Comics (thanks, Panda!)


  1. "Mega Man's final fate remains in doubt!"
    *sigh* So true these days......

  2. Cool, like Megaman Gigamix against the stardroids and Sunstar! I will buy it, for sure (:

  3. I hope at some point Archie offers a clean version of this cover in poster form. It's beautiful. The colors, the highlights, the details, the slightly off center subject creating asymmetry with the white space to the left, and of course the subject matter its self, which juxtaposes Megaman's metaphysical self as a sentient being against the reality of his physical self as a machine.

  4. Original Rock Mega Man vs. Box Art Mega Man...YEAH!! Go for it our favorite cool and beautiful styled blue bomber! Kill that terribly misdrawn old fart man into an oblivion!!

  5. Megaman vs. BBA Megaman...

    Do they get all their ideas from message boards or what? Knowing Spaz, this is likely just a fun mock cover (the proper time and place for shameless fanservice) but I dread the idea that this might evolve into an actual story arc.

  6. Dat Variant Cover...

  7. The "Unplugged" cover appears to be channeling a little Ghost in the Shell.


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