Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keiji Inafune Delivers a Special Mighty No. 9 Message

In response to the Kickstarter being funded and reaching its first stretch goal, Keiji Inafune has made a short video thanking those who have helped Mighty No. 9 reach its goal.  The project begun in secrecy just four months ago, and Inafune shares that he is overwhelmed by support from his fans.

The team also had a few words words in this update regarding their predecessors:

"...There are no losers in our success here, and no bad guys to rail against. We all know that none of the amazing stories and fond memories you've all been sharing would've ever been possible without the games that came before us, the developers who created them, and the companies who promoted and sold and spread them throughout the world. Yes, we are aiming to revive and reinvent this genre, but we do so with the deepest humility and all due respect to those who came before us, or in many cases worked alongside us -- our ex-coworkers and ex-employers, for example; whatever success we achieve here is ultimately a validation of their efforts. So we salute them -- as we do all of you -- Beck-style, with two fingers! (`_´)ゞ

In addition, the Mighty No. 9 team will be posting a "Communi-Tuesday" update later this evening, which features fan art, an FAQ answering common questions, and ideas on new reward tiers based on fan feedback.  Hey, sounds good to me!


  1. It's a good start for the new game. Now get back to work, Inafune, because you've got everything you need to make it happen. I am hoping that you will be success where Capcom have failed because its history must not repeat itself. Ever! Whatever you're planning, with 3DS, PS, and XBOX, whatever, do your best with your creativity and your ideals. I know you will make us happy as long as you don't give up.

    I wish you good luck, Inafune. And thank you for keeping the spirit of Mega man alive.

  2. It's nice to know he doesn't harbor ill feelings, though I cannot really blame anybody for being angry. I would love to make a pledge of $250! I just got to wait for my next paycheck! :D Haha! I wish I could come up with the money to have dinner with the big man himself, but that would take me years to save up with the job I have! XD

  3. Well said, Mr. Inafune. Very classy. Doesn't matter what kind of crap decisions Capcom is making now, they are still the reason we are so passionate about Mega Man in the first place. Perspective is our friend.

    All that being said, I needed to hear about this game so bad. Too much bad news in the world today. Knowing that so many old-school designers are all getting together and making something that's going to be great is fantastic.


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