Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mega Man Universal Fighting System Cards Delayed

Coming from the official UFS: Universal Fighting System Facebook page:

"Mega Man Tins! Where are they?

We know most of our fans know that there are indeed Mega Man tins floating around since we pre-viewed them and raffled several at GenCon 2013. So why aren't they available for purchase yet?

The short version of that explanation is that our printer has informed us of a quality issue with the actual tin itself (not the contents). They had them recalled on the week that they were going to ship off, in order to have the tins fixed. We have been informed that they will be ready for ship from China in the next few weeks again, and we can expect them for a holiday release now.

We hate delays, and luckily this is just a mini release that this happened to, but we are very glad our printer was able to catch last minute quality issues and fix them on their own dime.

Cross your fingers and hope this mini release does not get hit by any further delays. In the mean time, we are looking forward to the Ruler of Time expansion for KoF XIII, and can't wait to see how these RoT mechanics effect the standard Meta!" -Your Jasco Games Staff

Source: UFS (thanks, Amir!)


  1. Well that's pretty much a death sentence then.

    Guess they also realized having there planned kickstarter for their board game this month would have been a REALLY bad idea.

  2. Meh. Thanks to Udon, we are used to delays. ;P
    Still... can't wait!

  3. Well unlike how Capcom delayed things, Udon and now Jasco Games at least have the decency to explain their delays with reasonable, making sense reasons. That's at least something.

  4. Are you effing kidding me? Are you. Effing. Kidding me?

    Naw, man. At this point, I refuse to take this lightly and assume this it a coincidence. If it has to do with Mega Man, just like in Command & Conquer games, "on-hold" is eventually going to be followed by "cancelled" -- usually immediately.

    1. Stop.

      It has nothing to do with that. Did you even read what the guy said?

    2. STOP.

      For the love of god stop. It's a print issuee, not a damn cancellation notice. It's not a sign - it's shit that happens. It's human error. Did you not read a single damn thing. The tins had an issue, not the product.

      For arceus sake when will you people learn that UFS is not Capcom.

    3. Yes, I did. The tins have a quality control issue and need to be re-done before they can be shipped. In all reality, the delay should be minimal -- one or two weeks tops. But my skepticism when it comes to all things Mega Man is at an all-time high after the last three years of misery and failure. Thus, it wouldn't surprise me if for whatever reason, the cards got pulled altogether.

      I'm not an idiot, nor am I illiterate. I'm bitter. :P

    4. And what is the point of the madness against "OMG CAPCOM CANCELED AGAIN, MEGAMAN RIP *fan become a terrorist on wikipedia capcom page*
      to be fan is good,
      To be a fanatic fanboy is retarded you know.

      There is so much megaman games we can play but people complain always because they like to look like intelligent (and they are not).
      Capcom made 2x more megaman games than mario, and megaman is not as popular than mario, so, it's very good, too much for us.
      They need time, they dont have certainly a real team to make megaman games, so lets wait.

    5. The cards are done. I have seen them. I have touched them. The tins are manufactured in China and then shipped. As in, by boat. So a short 1~2 week delay to remake them translates to 1~2 months delay to ship them. We know exactly what the issue is, we know what steps have been taken to resolve it, and we have a new release window. So shut up and wait with the rest of us.

  5. I am getting tired of Capcom. Capcom is a loser!

  6. Well, isn't this a big black eye in the PR department? As if megaman fans weren't jumpy enough. Hopefully the issue is resolved and it can move on, but the last thing people want to see with this franchise are delays.

  7. Such a shame. I hope they get that problem fixed soon.

  8. When it comes to megaman things that get postponed usually end up being cancelled (aka 4 games)
    Hopefully thats not the issue here but i wouldnt be surpised if capcom went so far as to cancell a cardgame featuring megaman in it all for the purpose of insuring megaman is not noticed these days so people would quit asking them for a new game


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