Friday, September 6, 2013

Capcom 30th Anniversary Gear With Plenty of Mega Man

The Video Game Memorabilia Museum sends word on a whole batch of Capcom 30th anniversary goods coming down the pike. We've got a very artsy Mega Man handkerchief, an acrylic pixelated Mega Man keychain, Ryu keychain, or Gargoyle, all up on AmiAmi for pre-order. There are also mugs, shirts, and iPhone covers adorned with Capcom characters, and puzzles based on classic Famicom box art.

You can view all that AmiAmi has right here. Just search "Capcom"!  I don't know about you, but I'm definetly grabbing one of those mugs!

Source: VGMM


  1. Who's this "Mega Man" you speak of?
    Is that some sort of Mighty No.9 spinoff?

  2. I think I'll spend the money I could have on this merch to fund an actual video game.

  3. Meanwhile, at Kickstarter...

  4. I think if we stop spending money on this pointless merchandise and continue to fund and support M#9 capcom will finally see that it's a new Megaman GAME that we want not some handkerchief.

    1. I totally agreed wtih you. No more pointless merchandise from Capcom!

  5. Are all these sprites redrawn? I mean even the 8bit ones? That's not what I remember an E can or Megaman's mugshot looking like.

  6. I don't even know who half of those characters are that are on the iPhone case and mug. I also think those sprites look really ugly. No thanks to most of this (I would like the puzzle. Heh. X'D). A good portion of my money will be going to the Kickstarter.

  7. "Meanwhile, at Kickstarter..."

    Ha! Exactly what I was thinking!

  8. The only reason I'd carry a handkerchief is to look classier than using regular tissue.

    A cyan videogame-themed one won't cut it.


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