Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mega Man Composer Manami Matsumae Joins 'Shovel Knight'

Manami Matsumae of Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 10 fame will be composing two original songs for Shovel Knight, the Mega Man-inspired indie platformer by Yacht Club.

"This is the first time I'm working on a Western game! It's quite exciting!" exclaims Matsumae. "Shovel Knight and I are a good fit. So... let's get shovelin'?"

Needless to say, Yacht Club is ecstatic to have her on board:

"Incredible music! She even made the original sound effects. The sound of Mega Man dying? The sound of the boss doors opening and closing? The sounds that have permanent residence in your brain and ours? Manami Matsumae is responsible! And now, she is going to be writing two songs for Shovel Knight. We are beyond excited.

Matsumae's music perfectly captured the tone for Mega Man and all of its sequels. She is a master of injecting personality into a stage or character through her music. We are humbled so greatly to have her contribute to the creative force of Shovel Knight!

This awesome collaboration has been made possible by The Koopa Soundworks team, who reached out to us with this opportunity. They also have a great interview with Manami on their site. Please check it out and give them and Manami all of your love, they are the best!"

Shovel Knight is already steeped in classic Mega Man inspiration. The addition of Manami is absolutely a perfect fit. The icing on the cake. I, for one, can't wait to hear what she's bringing to the table!

You can read the full announcement at Shovel Knight's official Kickstarter.


  1. I played Shovel Knight at PAX East. It's a really solid game and the YCG people are super cool. This is pretty exciting stuff.

    I can't wait to hear the result of this. Although I'm still hoping for an eventual PSN release for Shovel Knight.

  2. @First commentator

    That seems unlikely since PS4 isn't going to use the same infrastructure as PSN so Sony probably considers it dead at this point. Maybe it'll come out on it's successor later though.

  3. SONY is the ultimate opponent classic 2-D gaming has ever had. They hate 2-D games and until recently, slapped down any developers trying to sneak quality onto their system.

    But Manami on the Shovel Knight project is extremely cool. It's really no wonder why people who worked on the best games of yesteryear gravitate towards projects like this.

    It's intolerance for the current state of mediocrity in gaming.

  4. Rockonymous is correct. In case anyone forgot history, the only reason Legends exists is because they(Capcom) needed to make a 3D game on Playstation in order for Sony to allow them continue releasing 2D games aka X.


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