Saturday, April 13, 2013

Covers and Solicitation for Mega Man #28

When the "Worlds Collide" crossover event comes to an end, we'll have ourselves a brand new story arc to look forward to. The enigmatic Ra Moon is back to wreak some havoc in "The Return"!

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Gary Martin & Various (CA) Ryan Jampole & Various
‘The Return.’ Mega Man is back! After wrapping up a history-making adventure with his pal Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man has returned to all new danger and excitement in Mega-City! Meanwhile, Dr. Wily has sixteen Robot Masters under his command, not to mention the mysterious Break Man – so what has got the evil doctor so terrified? Find out as the full might of the ancient alien Ra Moon is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! The prelude to the next Mega Man epic ‘Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon’ starts here with an ending that will leave you breathless! Featuring an up-close-and-personal variant cover by artist Tristan Jones!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. While some argue the comics are bad, I do like the fact they were willing to acknowledge Super Adventure Rockman and explore elements of that game like Ra Moon.

  2. I love how they forshadowed this in the latest issue, when Ra subtly tried to get the Chaos Emerald from Wily.

    Of course, it was outright spoiled by Rock of Ages, but still, giant, ancient, alien computer. Who wouldn't expect a betrayal?

  3. That second cover is absolutely fantastic. o_o

  4. Thanks Joseph! I had a blast doing it!

  5. So Protoman is going back to being the "Mysterious Breakman" after the crossover ends.

    I guess I called it when I predicted that Flynn would retcon everything like he's done thrice before.

    Not that I should take much pride in that, because how hard is it to anticipate the thought process' of a 9 year old?

  6. Prof. Megaman, everyone knows you dislike the comic and that you hate Ian Flynn because he ran over your dog or something. Must you really burden us with your opinion in every single thread? There are lots of other comic books out there. Might one suggest you go read one of those instead?

  7. @Prof

    Because it was never spelled out fifty times that everything that happens in the crossover is Non-cannon, just like the Sonic Genisis arc.

    For someone who acts like he's so mature and better than everyone, you really need to grow up.

  8. @DB:

    I don't have to read Archie comics, but you don't have to read my comments either.

  9. Prof. Megaman> No, I don't have to read your comments. Likely from here on in, I won't. But your constant negativity and childish insults are monotonous, infantile, and frankly stupid, and before I and everyone else ignore you completely, I figured you should know that, before you wonder why everyone has given up on trying to engage with you.

    If you enjoy being seen as a troll, be my guest. From now on, though, don't ever say you weren't told.

  10. (Reads Prof. Mega's comments)
    OK "professor", so can YOU come up with something that doesn't look like it's from a 9 year old? Any suggestions to make it better? Or will you just rant like a kid that it is bad 'cause you don't like it?

    And isn't the comic's main target audience kids? What are you expecting to see? Dr. Light killing Wily and Eggman with several knife stabs? Hot Roll and Amy action? Drug Man, Alcohol Man and Dung Man?

  11. I really love how Ian is handling this series. He isn't perfect, but who is?

    I said this a while back, but I will say it again. Be thankful it is not Ken Penders writing these books. That would have been an atrocious mess. :(

  12. @E. Leonra

    Reductio ad Pendersum is an ok thing to believe in, but please don't use to argue against any faults people have with the comic.

    Not to mention I bet a lot of things you had a problem with were done by Karl Bollers, everyone gives him a free pass for some reason.

  13. Please stop arguing. You made me sick! have a respect, be friends and not war at each others! Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. If you think my comments are "monotonous, infantile, and frankly stupid", how come you don't love them as much as Flynn's comics?

  15. That Wily variant cover really catches my attention. Not just because it's Wily, but because of the incredible eye-popping detail in it. Definitely one of the best covers they have made so far.

    @Prof. Megaman: Takes a 9 year old kid to know a 9 year old kid.