Thursday, April 18, 2013

So About That D-Arts Iris...

Word of D-Arts Ultimate Armor X's production was met with mixed reactions, to say the least. Of the "fake" figures presented, many had their hopes set on Iris being immortalized in plastic. Even Capcom’s own Ryuji Higurashi was disappointed. He drew this saddened Iris in response.

But the prospect of D-Arts Iris is not a lost cause. Not yet. Rockman Unity's Ucchy has vowed to reignite "that plan," with everyone's support.

The "plan" is purposely left vague, but it's largely assumed he means another character poll to gauge interest in which products fans would like to see next. If so, then Iris could find herself among the choices... and, with a little support, become a figure.

Would you buy it?

Source: Rockman Unity (via The Mega Man Network)


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  2. What does it matter? Capcom held a poll for Marvel VS Capcom and ignored the results, and Bandai held a poll for D-Arts figures and ignored the results. Why should we care that they might ask us what we'd like to see?

  3. Cue Iris losing in the poll.

  4. Mixed?

    Well of course it's going to be mixed, we're in the obscure character territory, now. Ultimate Armor isn't a bad thing, overall, but certainly not as major as X, Zero, Sigma, or Vile.

    Past the main characters, you're going to only please specific portions of the fanbase that like A over B, or vice versa.

    That goes for Axl, too.

  5. What they want from us ? Easy: No figure.. Make a new megaman games, thats simple. Sighing.

  6. @Dr. Jerk: Ballot stuffing is one person submitting multiple votes for one item, not a lot of people casting one vote each for a figure they all would like to have.

    As others have pointed out, I don't think it'd matter one way or the other, if Capcom just ignores results they don't like.

  7. I'd rather have an D-Arts Alia figure. Iris is so boring.

    1. Pffft.
      Alia is boring.
      Iris is pretty much the high point for non-combat drama in the entire series.

  8. I'd rather see some Mavericks instead. Magma Dragoon, Bit, even Vile MK. II.

    But of course they're gonna release more armor variants such as X2 Armor X & X3 Gold Armor X. It's gonna be the Bandai Model Kit line all over again.

    Variety of Characters>Variety of Armors

  9. For reference, here is Bandai's 2012 poll results (round 1):
    1 - Mega Man Volnutt
    2 - Sigma ("done")
    3 - Zero 2nd Ver (done)
    4 - Bass (done)
    5 - Vile (done)
    6 - Proto Man
    7 - Tron Bonne
    8 - Ultimate Armor (announced)
    9 - MegaMan.EXE
    10 - Axl
    11 - Command Mission X
    12 - Roll Caskett
    13 - Mega Man (done)
    14 - Iris
    15 - Storm Eagle
    32 - Alia
    97 - Panter Flauclaws
    98 - Redips
    99 - Buster Rod G
    100 - Break Man

  10. She'd make one heck of a figure, that's for sure.

    I wish all the X characters could get figures...but that could take a while and could cost a lot. lol

  11. Man, so much negativity this time around. As if Vile's release wasn't made for "specific portions" of the fanbase.

    I still want an Iris D-ARTS figure, not a gashapon or anything like that, if not for the fact I'm a fan of hers then for the sake of an art model reference.

  12. Someone just pretended to be me...

    I'm not happy about this.

    And honestly, why the heck would I spout out criticism about figures? I never have. You picked a great person. Not.

    @RADIX: That wasn't me.

  13. @the real Dr. Jerk: Sorry 'bout that. ._.

  14. I love how Fake Dr. Jerk Man assumes that the frikkin art director of Mega Man X Command Mission either cheats at polls or condones those who do.

    ...who the hell would submit duplicate votes for Iris, anyway? A character who died five main series entries ago just got into a crossover game; she has nowhere to go but down. At least the morons who throw baseless accusations at Legends fans can say that they have some outside goal to use as a rallying cry (which is NOT what ballot-stuffing is).

    Whatever. D-Arts Iris would be instantly bought.

  15. I'd buy it. I mean, c'mon. Iris has to have fans somewhere! Though I'm not a fan of her in the game... I think she'd look great as a figure.

  16. I would buy anything Iris-related. I mean, that's what sold me on the Repliforce keychain.

  17. @Dr. Jerk

    It seems to be spreading. Have you ticked anyone off lately?

    To be honest, I couldn't care less about the figures right now. As a college student with no disposable income, I can only afford to get nerdy things every so often, and I like to save those opportunities for getting games!

    Still, I'm not a fan of just making an armor for the new figure and calling it a day. It's too cheap and redundant.

    Now what would be cool is if they made an X figure that had the ability to snap on and off armor parts so you could mix and match them, like in X8. That would rule!

  18. Pre-certified "YES".

    No contest really.

  19. Abso-freaking-lutely, I would buy an Iris figure. Hands down.

    Damn, that picture brings me to tears. :(

  20. Of course, Iris is one of my favourite characters.

  21. The better question is, why wouldn't you want a figurine made from an awesome character?

  22. sure, because alia has already his figure with x8 operators (not d-arts)

    this would the first figure of iris, she deserves.

  23. Iris was also in Xtreme 2, and had an alternate outfit.
    Talk about exclusive versions.

    Of course, you could do the same with Black Zero and Vile's two other recolorings (X3 and X8).

    Besides, Iris was, for my money, a great love interest for Zero, a much needed non-oversexed brunette that is still beautiful, and not a bad 2-dimensional character besides. Yes she turned against Zero, but then you expect that given Colonel's demise.
    As much as Sigma, Vile, and Zero revive, I thought for sure that Iris would be back as a result of Xtreme 2 setting up DNA Souls. The X series still has so many more story legs to run on.

  24. Do want Iris and Ride Armor.

    By the way, didn't Bandai announce a Zero manga version? What happened to it? And I wonder if Marty can have one figure.

  25. On one hand I'm kinda surprised Iris has gotten so much love. On the other, I suppose I'm somewhat guilty of wanting a figure of her as well.

    ...It would be weird, though, since Iris' death was the first thing in a videogame that made me cry, and it still somewhat affects me. I was rather young back then, so it impacted me pretty hard. I would feel terrible buying a figure of her.

  26. @Cyberguy: None that I have known, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Now if you want my actual opinion on the figures... I personally don't mind them. There's no way I could afford any of them though, but they're simply okay to me. Of course I'd much rather have an actual game, but I certainly cannot expect that out of Capcom now.

    An Iris figurine would be interesting though. Not really a favorite character of mine, but it'd be interesting.

  27. @^Anon: A Mecha-chan figurine (aka Iris' ride armor) would be super freaking sweet too.

    Not too hyper 'bout the Zero-manga figurine for some reason, though a Marty fig sounds pretty interesting.

  28. Ughk, no thanks, anyway.

    Make a Mega Man Volnutt or .EXE figure, already.

  29. Way long overdue if you ask me.

  30. Fuck yeah! It's high time for another Iris figurine.

  31. I agree with the anonymous a few posts above me. I'd love to see a Megaman Volnutt figure and voted for him in the bandai poll thing a while back. I think there's too much hype on Mega Man X figures and not enough attention given to the other Mega Man series. If anything then at least release each version of Mega Man from the main games and call it fair.


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