Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Gets Much Needed Face Lift

Pointed out by the official Capcom Store Twitter, the 25th anniversary statue has seen another revision. As you can see, the eyes have been completely revamped. They're more proportionate to Mega Man's face, which looks significantly less gaunt. Just compare it with this. Yeah, I think it's a step in the right direction.

You can see more images of the update figure at the Capcom Store. While you're there, why not pre-order? The deadline is in two short days!

Source: @CapcomStore


  1. Better. Would I say perfect? No, I'd prefer more of a smile. But it is much better than before.

  2. At least it's still a bit faithful to Inafune's styling, with he brow slightly visible. It would be nice if it were more expressionate, but this is still nice.

  3. buy it Now! tom falls said this.

  4. Okay, this is INCREDIBLY better! But as Protodude has said, it's not quite there yet.

    The eyes just need to be A BIT bigger. Just a bit...! And I think it'll be perfect!

    Oh, and yes... a smile or smirk would do wonders.

  5. OZKai:
    Agreed, though it is a statue, and of a hero character, much less a robot, so I suppose stoic would be the name of the game if this were a tribute statue.

    And it's definitely shooting for NES eyes, even if the NES eyes are supposed to be accompanied by an NES-chubby face.

    Still, certainly better.

  6. Still looks terrible. Have they not seen a d arts? His eyes still look complelty wrong. I really hope this derp face mega man isn't the next thing to throw in our faces that we didn't buy.

    Looks absoultly awful. I collect everythign mega man and i refuse to drop any thing on that usb powerd derp

  7. If this is the final revision, I reckon I can live with it. It does look much better, but there's still a bit of a staring, "spaced out" vibe. I doubt there will be a final revision at this point, but maybe if those irises got scootched in there a bit closer to the middle, it'd look even better. Probably would be kosher, then.

  8. This looks MUCH better. 10x better. Now I'm definitely in.

    I'm glad Capcom's actually been putting the effort into meeting fan concerns about this thing, and actually trying to make it cooler.

  9. Now we're talking.

  10. Okay so they made the eyes bigger. Good. A nice preliminary step. Next is the smile. This figure *requires* a smile! What is it conveying without???

    It Conveys blandness. No expression because it's merely there, as if that's all it takes to keep you happy.

    If this were the final cut, there would be some die hards that bought it to say they own 100% of anything ever released, maybe some bought because it lights up or the like the bland lack of any expression, but not one of them would be keeping this thing displayed.

    Fix the face, then we can be serious about this turkey being served to the masses.

  11. There's still something not quite right... the gap between the top of his eyes & bottom the helmet is too big especially when you compare it to original artwork of Mega Man

  12. Yes, CAPCOM can keep my pre-order funds; it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close, and it's exponentially better than what I thought I would be getting for the last few weeks.

    I would have preferred angry eyes, or some kind of emotional expression, but I think I'll be plenty excited when this arrives in a few months.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Unity forum and forums like this; these changes would not have happened without your efforts. Give yourselves a pat on the back, Mega Man fans; we salvaged a little piece of Inafune's vision.

  13. Much better, take my money Capcom!


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