Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life-Size Mega Man Headed to E3 2013, San Diego Comic-Con

So about that USB Mega Man statue... yeah, Capcom also commissioned a life-size version for convention photo ops. San Diego Comic-Con and E3 2013 attendees will have the chance to pose with the big guy later this summer. How cool is that?

In the meantime, head over to Capcom Unity for more images!


  1. I have the feeling about a

  2. Hooray for people who can go to this convention, I guess?

    Now, how's about a game for us fans who tend to be rooted in place?

  3. I feel sad... Mega Man looks like a memorial statue. Rest in peace.

  4. Oh look, the big one has better eyes....

    But seriously though, why commission the statue? To show consumers you still care about him? To hype up a new Classic game(Which I'm not too thrilled about if it is)? As a way of having visual evidence of fan support in the USA in order to tell CoJ to f*ck off with how it's handling the series?

    There's no way they commissioned a large one just for photo ops. There's gotta be more to it.

  5. Official North American release of XOver at E3 2013.
    I'm calling it now.

    (Hey, it's x1000000000000 more likely than Legends3(Prototype) being resurrected or X9/ZX3/MM11.)

  6. @Anon 6:41

    To hype the statue and sell more of them. Mega Man is just merch now the sooner you accept that the better.

  7. Sigh... I wish I lived in California. All the cool stuff happens there. Good looking statue, though. I am hoping something great is announced if they commissioned something this big.

    If that happens, I'll be super pissed! I'll be knocking on wood til my fingers bleed in the hopes that doesn't happen. :(

  8. Mega Man announcement... At E3?

    Judging by the fact that Xover is the only Mega Man game we've gotten recently (and even then the western release has been postponed because of the so-called "loyal" fans), I highly doubt there will be a new MM game announced. Unless by some miracle they are bringing Xover to the west and then everyone can rejoice.

    (I'm pretty much capable of defending this statement if anyone tries to dispute it.)

  9. They call this "life-size," but this looks way bigger than 132cm tall. Stupid CAPCOM.


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