Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Images and Details of Revised 25th Anniversary USB Statue

By way of Capcom Unity, here's the lowdown on the revised (but still work in progress) 25th anniversary USB Mega Man statue:

-Darker blue with more metallic finish
-Both feet are flat so the figure can stand on its own
-Revised base now reads Mega Man instead of Capcom
-Intensified LEDs for buster and helmet
-On/Off switch for base lights
-Slightly revised face
-Finished item will come inside E-Tank packaging
-Still a WiP so final-final is still to come

Indeed, there's some nice updates in there. But by golly, the new face leaves me a little unsettled. Something isn't quite right there, IMO. The "life-size" statue really looks amazing by comparison, doesn't it?

As a friendly reminder, you have until April 21 to pre-order from the Capcom Store. More units will be available to purchase at the San Diego 2013 Comic-Con later this summer. For more images, swing over to Capcom Unity.


  1. Looks like a rigged corpse.


  3. They still didn't fix the eyes, which were always the biggest problem :/

  4. Hmm, those features are very enticing now, but not for 100, not when I'm tied to a USB power source, and the small 8 GB drive inside is driving up the price by a lot.

    All my merchandising ideas, I do like to make them have practicality while still being display pieces, but this limits appropriate display areas and that kills the usability.

  5. And yes, please fix the eyes. Hey, what do you all think; should the eyes and/or the pupils glow too? What's canon?

  6. They call that revised? The eyes are still wrong.

  7. I'm not sure why his eyes are so off. I did a quick little shop. I think it looks much better.

  8. The face is pretty unsettling but I'm digging the base! I can take or leave the new color scheme. It's cool either way.

    Just change up the facial sculpt so that he's not wide-eyed and staring. Maybe throw on some eyebrows.

    Still, this isn't the worst sculpt of Mega Man. It's pretty good, really. For the price, I agree, it should be fixed.

    Still not going to get on the ranting and raving bandwagon, though.

  9. $100... can't justify that even though I really like this.

  10. They actually made the eyes look WORSE.
    This is what we get for complaining i suppose... The metallic finish is nice though. IF THOSE EYES WOULD STOP STARING INTO MY SOUL

  11. I agree that the eyes are still off, and I also liked the original colors better. They felt more true to Megaman. Not trying to complain, but maybe if Capcom sees peoples' comments they can still revise it.

  12. Metalic color? I think the only automaton in the entire Megaman and Megaman X canon is the Gold Armor from X3.

  13. Have to say, I liked the original better. Stand and all.This revision isn't an improvement. The Capcom/Megaman swap is welcome though, but I also think the metallic finish makes it look a bit cheaper. The original looked thick, durable, and statue-esque. This one kinda looks plastic-like.

    I've already pre-ordered one...based on what I saw. I'm sure anyone else who did, did so as well. So hopefully some more revisions are down the line.

  14. The eyes looked better before! With those eyes now he looks like he's in a trance LOL

  15. Upon thinking more about it, the metallic finish will likely look better in the LED lights. Will probably have a better reflection and glow. Still though...needs a bit more work to be pretty much perfect. The eyes encompassing most of that work.

  16. Is it really that hard to make the eyes look something like this?

    In fact, you'd probably be better off just buying that figure. It even comes with Rush and a Met!

  17. Yeah, the eyes are still terrible, but it's encouraging that it's listed as a "work in-progress" on the blog; maybe if enough of us complain they'll get it right before the final release.

    The whole problem is that they are following the curve of the helmet for the inner part of the eyes; the sculpt will have more "life" if the shape of the eye are independent from the shape of the helmet.


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