Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zero's UMvC3 Mega Man X Costume Releases Today

Just a friendly little reminder that the Weapon Expert DLC costume pack for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is due to release later today on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The pack contains, among other outfits, Zero's controversial Mega Man X costume.

Weapon Expert will run you 320 Microsoft points or $3.99 USD, respectively. Mind you, the Mega Man X costume brings nothing new to Zero's moveset. To the dismay of practically everyone, it's all for show.

Source: Event Hubs (thanks, King Reaper!)


  1. My only question is does the costume come with an appropriate sound pack at least? Or is it literally Zero wearing X's armor, as speculated?

  2. DlC needs to go. From all games.

  3. If it DID add extra moves that would be awful. Because then everyone would have to buy them all in order to stay up-to-date with the game. This way people can buy the costume sets they're interested in and ignore the others.

    I understand some fans think that would be cool, but logistically for the game and the community that plays fighting games it would be a nightmare.

  4. I'd expect the no change of moves, but no different voice actor? Probably no different intro and win quotes either. I guess Zero will say "X isn't here" looking just like X. Sad. Disappointing. Ridiculous, really.

  5. It's a shame, too. It's not even that attractive of a costume. It just seems strange with Zero's stance and all.
    Personally, and I don't know how everyone else feels about it, I'd have preferred something more along the lines of his MMZ design
    Oh well. I'll probably still be buying this costume pack for the sweet Taskmaster outfit that comes with it.

  6. It should be noted that while it doesn't add anything in the way of movesets, there may be some new voice clips associated with the costume. Deadpool and Ironman, for example, have voice clips that only trigger when they're wearing their DLC outfits.

  7. I don't suppose this will work on the regular version of MvC3, will it? o-o I want, but I don't have the funds for Ultimate yet.


  8. The way I see it, we could have just as easily got nothing. Still, the fans are obviously still going to complain that it doesn't have new moves.

    Sometimes you just kinda have to go with what's given to you, but people hardly think of things like that anymore.

  9. @Dr. Jerk:
    I think many would've preferred it that way. It's like this: would you rather have a really crappy Legends 3 or none at all? Both suck, but I'm sure most would prefer the latter.

    I think the next closest thing people wanted was a different voice over, but even that Capcom chose not to do (I mean, they didn't even give Vergil his Nelo Angelo). And it wouldn't be playing "favoritism" either because, other than pseudo-Talbain and Yellow Iris who isn't even popular, AFAIK there isn't a single costume that's a character swap like X and Zero.

    Many people cry we should be thankful for what we're getting for. But it's like saying you should appreciate the pie thrown in your face. I know it's not THAT extreme, but seriously, the execution and timing could not be worse, and that was incredibly insensitive for Capcom to do that.

    X fans want to distinguish X from Zero, because well, we already HAVE Zero. The costume is a crime to both X AND Zero fans, because now Zero lacks a decent costume.

  10. Oh, so it's here already? The alternate skin that people have to pay money for? Yippee.

  11. For show, and trolling purposes.

  12. Why not "MMZ Zero" (or Omega), Zero.EXE or Model Z?

  13. As MegaMac said, if Zero still has the "X isn't here" winquote, I can't wait for that to be used in a new demotivator.

    [image of X-palette Zero with said win quote]
    "U MAD?"

  14. Just for show, huh?.........

    Oy. -_-

  15. According to a fellow on TMMN who bought the pack: "Same voice, lines and even the 'X isn’t here' and 'X has lost to me before' line (to Hawkeye) are still in."


  16. Eh, i'll just stick with Zero. No need to dress him up as X. If they had put some more effort into the model, like a name change and giving him different win quotes, I would have bought it. But not like this.

  17. @SoulTrigger: Well, I guess I can see where you're coming from.

    But I don't necessarily agree with the "crappy Legends 3" example. Cancelling it is what made hundreds rage... I'm sure some of them would have at least accepted it if L3 turned out to be crappy.

    'Cuz, we have been waiting for almost a whole decade for it...

  18. I still fail to see how this could be controversial. It makes sense that he'd have an outfit in the style of his partners, as well as alternate forms he's had over the years.

    Fans are just being a bit butthurt over X not getting in.

  19. (sees Zero as X instead of a proper costume)
    (facepalms faster than Hokuto no Ken until head explodes, and continues even after losing the head.)

    Well, Capcom IS lazy after all...


  20. @Dr. Jerk:
    It probably wasn't the best analogy, but I just wanted to illustrate the possibility of Capcom making a Legends 3 JUST for the sake of having one, especially after the fan backlash. If they did resume development, honestly, I'd still have faith in the developers even after KI's departure.

    I guess a better example is the existence of X6: it's quite obvious the game was made purely to profit off the X series instead of properly ending the series with X5 (though X5 being a proper ending is in itself arguable). So now that we have X6, do fans prefer the current series as is? Or would they have preferred the alternative of nothing after X5?

    tl;dr: a number of X fans just feel insulted that a "favor" given to them is, for lack of better words, "half-***ed". We could talk about the issue of "entitlement" all day, but I'd rather not...after all, the issue is subjective from one person to the next.

  21. @Radix
    Ah, good to know Capcom is really that incompetent. :P


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