Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rockman Online Beta Key Contest Announced (Update)

Want to beta test Rockman Online? All you have to do is win a little contest... if you happen to live in Asia.

Neowiz today announced a contest in which applicants are to name two of the game's NPC characters (above). The winning entries will be awarded with a closed beta key, in addition to having their named NPCs appear in the game (UPDATE: Hit the jump below for character bios!). The official Rockman Online blog is accepting entries from now until February 26th.

Unfortunately, the contest is limited to residents living in Asia, further cementing the notion that the full game will, for the time being, remain exclusive to that region. Plans could change, but we've yet to hear otherwise.

Moreover, Neowiz have not said if they plan to offer more beta keys in the future. It remains to be seen if this will be the only opportunity to score a chance to play the beta.

Thanks for the tip, Laura!

Courtesy of PRC contributor Amunshen, here's some additional details about each character.

MALE: Born and grown up in the warlord family, this 21-year old adores Signas, the chief commander of U.C.A. He volunteered for military service and became the youngest platoon leader, credited for his exellent insight and exercise capacity. Since then, he has recently been assigned to Gaia Base.

He has a straightforward personality and handsome appearance, and has once been ranked as “the most-favored guy to be a boyfriend” by the young women around his former assigned base.

FEMALE:  This 10-year old is the daughter of the regimental commander of Gaia Base. She is a prankful and energetic girl who takes on the role of leader amongst the base’s children.

She has been close to the service people in her father’s regiment, often playing around their area. As a result, she is beloved by them and acts as the mascot of the regiment. She usually acts like a boy, but also possesses a childlike side, as well as the fact she likes a handsome guy.


  1. Rockman online? Must check this out.

  2. the game still lives?

  3. I can't wait to play this game. It is awesome. I applaud Korea of Capcom to keep it going.

  4. Ebon and Ivory.

    Those were the first two names to come to my mind. XD

  5. Trumpet for the girl and Tuba for the guy.

  6. Rockman online POWA! I have so much hopes for this game! Cool to see Neowiz did a beta :3

  7. Easy. Jazz and Rhapsody.

    Now if only I lived on the other side of the world.

  8. If it's up to Capcom, those plans will never change :P

  9. Neowiz has NOTHING to do with Capcom they licensed the MM franchises and that is all. Capcom has no say in what happens to this I believe Neowiz themselves said as much in an earlier post.

    You do not have to worry about Capcom killing this because they cannot.

    However this also changes nothing about the fact that Capcom does not care about Megaman anymore and especially not it's fanbase.

    All I'm saying is send your hate/love to the right people and don't spread misinformation that gives people false hope in Capcom giving a crap.

    That being said I'm still very much looking forward to this.


    Nice NPC designs~.

  11. @Fou-Lu: Capcom actually could kill it if they wanted to, since they own the rights to Megaman, which Neowiz is basically borrowing to make this.

    They may not be making it themselves, but that doesn't mean that they have zero involvement in it.

  12. Neowiz has directly stated that Capcom is not able to cancel Rockman Online. It was in the first set of Q&A questions.

    My guess would be a clause in the licensing agreement that prevents the game's cancellation on Capcom's side.


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