Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mega Man X Hits Europe's Virtual Console Next Month

Well, that certainly took long enough. Mega Man X is finally being released in Europe on the Wii Virtual Console, nearly a whole year after its North American and Japanese release in the Spring of 2011.

The Super Nintendo classic is slated to blast onto the service sometime in March, according to a release schedule from Nintendo of Europe. I expect we'll here confirmation of a specific day soon as more information trickles out. The game is anticipated to run you 800 Wii Points.

All in all, this is great news for our friends in Europe. Hopefully, Mega Man X2 isn't too far off... but then again, we're still waiting for that one here in the states. I'll be keeping an ear out, of course.

Source: N-Europe


  1. Yay Europe!

    I always hate to see you guys screwed on releases for seemingly no reason!

  2. Agh! I feel like I've been waiting for x2 to hit virtual console for-ever! I don't care if I have it on SNES, or X collection! I want it on virtual console.. For no reason!
    *and I'm not kidding! >:/*

    Actually playing it on virtual console will look and play great. snes on a HDTV isn't pretty, and the port on the ps2 x collection has some problems

  3. I can't wait for USA version. I beat it but I want it anyway.

  4. Yeah I can't wait to get my hands on X2 either! I'm dying to play! I always loved X2 a ton!

  5. last anon:

    MMX is already out here in america

  6. That's great news and all, but Capcom seriously lacks the skills and heart to make new MegaMan games which is one of the reason I lost my faith in them.

    I'm sticking to Mario, Sonic, and other great franchises that haven't been mistreated by their owners...

  7. Anon#3,

    Yes, I know already about it. I just forgot to mention Megaman X2 instead, lol. Anyway, I am waiting for Megaman X2 since Rockman X2 was out already.

  8. Unrelated, but lol:

    Servbots.EXE? They appear in other episodes?


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