Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mega Man X iOS Updated For iPad

Capcom's controversial iOS version of Mega Man X saw its first update yesterday. Nothing too major, but noteworthy nonetheless.

The version 1.01.10 update gives the game full iPad and iPad 2 high resolution support. Sprites and menus are now optimized to fit iPad displays, whereas the original version had to be scaled to fit. The other big addition is a brand new mode. For players looking for a challenge, Capcom has introduced Time Attack Mode.

In Time Attack, your life bar has been replaced with a gradually depleting time gauge. The game ends if you fail to complete a stage before your time is up. Fortunately, enemies drop time replenishing items while "T Tanks" completely refill the gauge just before you have to face a boss. Records are logged online via Apple's Game Center service, so feel free at trying your hand to reach the top of the leader boards.

I've also heard whispers that the 1.01.10 update removed the hidden 25th Anniversary logo. Not that it has any bearing on the game itself, but it's interesting to see it up and disappear deliberately.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!


  1. So I'm to assume that the core gameplay hasn't been tuned up to rival it's X1 or MHX incarnations?

  2. Has Capcom officially used/showcased the 25th anniversary logo at all?

    Maybe they're trying to retract it and pretend it doesn't exist at all.

  3. Considering that we weren't supposed to see the image in the first place, I don't find it surprising that it is removed from the data.
    It's not some Super Fighting Robot (da na na na~~~!) Megaman conspiracy from Capcom.

    People should stop making up baseless assumptions now.

  4. I don't consider this to be a real time attack since you're basically given the option of refilling it... They should have went with MM10's time attack.

  5. @Dr Jerk

    It's still a regular time attack, but you just have an extra time guage that depletes constantly. It's game over if it's emptied, that's all. Records are still set by how long it takes to beat the stage like any other time attack.

    Capcom likes to "innovate". I think your regular health bar would have just been fine. Either way it's not really a big deal.


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