Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Battle Network Collection For You

Concurrent to a theoretical seventh sequel, a Mega Man Battle Network collection is probably the next best thing fans would like to see from the series. However, you might not want to hold your breath. Not now, at least.

Speaking at a topic on the Ask Capcom forums, Capcom's Christian 'Sven' Svensson shot down the suggestion of a collection noting that there are "No plans for anything like that at the moment." The original poster also alluded to the prospect of Battle Network games making the jump to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console; it's hard to tell if Sven's comment reflects that notion as well.

Following Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man X Collection and Mega Man Zero Collection a complete chronicling of the six GBA Battle Network adventures would seem like a truly viable product. Throw in some unlockable games and bonus features, and you'd have yourself a nice compendium, all on one cartridge for your on-the-go needs. For now, however, it's only a pipe dream.

If you'd like to see a Battle Network collection in the future, feel free to pitch the idea to Capcom via Capcom Unity's Suggestion Box.


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    1. I've come from the future to tell you that you're 10 years too early. Don't lose hope!

  2. Well this stinks.

    A collection seems like an easy project to put together

  3. Aye, even one of the things that I'd expect to Capcom to do (on a minimal level, at the very least) for the year gets shot down. If even one of the most obvious collections doesn't make it through, what will?

    Although it does leave you wondering why he just outright says this on this issue, while being vague on every other issue.

    Oh, and kotipeltox, you're not very funny, holding grudges for, what is it now, two years? How old are you now?

  4. After the disaster that was Operate Shooting Star, that's to be expected. Of course, Capcom probably thinks the game sold badly because no one likes the series anymore, and not because it was a crappy port :/

  5. Kotipeltox could you please stop being so petty? You have been at this for far too long over absolutely nothing. Don't like the Network timeline? Then ignore the series.

    Anyways; That is unfortunate. I have to agree with Anon 2 that this may be a result of OSS. I wish there were a way to prove that the Network franchise isn't dead yet or unprofitable.

  6. For a stateside release, it's pretty unlikely that they'd bother to give us anything we missed from MMBN6 anyhow, so I'm not terribly interested. Of course, I would buy it if it had ANYTHING extra at all (a la Zero Collection), but I doubt they'd add much. I also think that the sales of both MMBN5DS and Operate: Shooting Star have given Capcom the impression that they've lost their EXE fanbase in the jump to the DS (Starforce probably factors into that as well).

  7. @Alilatias: I´m not holding any grudges, it just the title is so funny I brought a joke from the Seinfield show. Anyway it´s interesting how you came up here after my comment......really interesting.

  8. Pfft. Any other company would jump at ANY chance to release, or re-release a franchise's game if it means making some money and PLEASING THE FANS. Also @Last Anonymous, how is Star Force that bad. I mean, it's decent, but at least they actually created that series and did something with it. Now it seems their too chicken shit to release anything new Mega Man-wise. Even if hundreds of thousands of fans clamor at their feet. Retarded much?

  9. "No plans" means nothing. Plans change.

  10. I would, quite frankly, be surprised if there WERE plans for a Battle Network collection!

    Right now, in this current climate of the fanbase, a new Mega man game is what Capcom needs to put out, not more re-releases.

    That doesn't mean this couldn't happen after that though. Don't give up hope!

  11. Something tells me the BN series isn't done yet. Maybe a continuation won't happen soon, but this isn't really surprising.

  12. Might seem a little hopeless, but I'm just going to leave this sig here...


  13. Hmmm how much space would all 6 games(plus versions) be? And lets not forget BCC, and in Japan 4.5 :/ I have a feeling the size of it would be hard to fit on a 3DS cartridge. Then lets not forget upscaling and other things like artwork... she might not be the prettiest in raw port form like Capcom likes...

  14. Just sent in a decent suggestion, along with lofty ideas about DS/3DS IR compatibility, Network Transmission and 5DS stuff, and localization of the Graveyard. I used a bit of the Anonymous guy's comment about Operate Shooting Star in it. Thanks a lot. I really think this would be viable, and would sell double what Zero Collection sold. Here's hoping.

  15. I personally would have liked a collection, even though I'm not too fond of the EXE and Starforce series.

    But I'm also not surprised.

  16. Eh, no big loss. I liked the series, but I'm burned out on Battle Network. Even if they released a Collection I most likely wouldn't get it.

  17. @ kotipeltox:

    Pd: Guess who´s the fangirl *rolleyes*

    Even if you were making a joke, I don't see how that factors into it. Explain that line then. A joke done in poor taste is still in poor taste.

    Also, I lurk here. A lot, mostly through Protodude's Twitter.

    I just don't comment as much on the actual blog nowadays, because I've grown tired of all of the whining over the fighting game cameos (or lack thereof). The reaction to most of the merchandise articles over the past half year doesn't help either.

    Not that I don't agree with the views on most of what's going on, but it's just too utterly depressing.


    @ February 7, 2012 12:22 PM Anon

    Same could be said for just about anything either way. I'm sure you all know what I mean by this.

    Should we consider it a blessing or a curse that Seth decided to shoot this down immediately, rather than stringing everyone along for years or even an entire decade at a time?

  18. Extra effort would have be done to keep all the multiplayer features of the battle networks games (like trading and battling)

    Notice how the Zero collection had none of the link cable features, which is okay since they were relatively minor things. However that would be unacceptable in a Battle Network Collection.

  19. @Anon: All the BN games would fit easily on a 3DS cart without modification. They can hold 8GB of data. Each MMBN game was about 8MB. :P

  20. Thanks, Chariblaze!

  21. extremesonic is right... and like OSS, fairly to get wifi for versus and trading would be hammered by critics and fans as well.

    This would mean having to rewrite the entire code for online/trading functions. As well as remove the Boktai crossover game in BN5. And then creating and upkeeping 6 servers, each for a single BN game.

    It's more work than it seems folks.

  22. Online functions aren't necessary. Yeah, everyone would think it's a huge missed opportunity, but that's one thing that's not necessary.

  23. I wouldn't mind a BN Collection, but knowing the evil company known as Crapcom... They'll probaly cancel it and put the blame on the fans... -_-

    Also, is everyone still mad at the BBA MegaMan in SXT? If so, is everyone gonna protest it?

  24. In a game like BN in this day and age, after its successor had it?

    Imagine if pokemon never got online. P/D, HG/SS, and B/W would have been NAILED EVERY TIME FOR IT.

    And dont deny it. Many BN fans would die to have it why do you think the rom/hamachi thing is so popular on some sites? BECAUSE ITS THE CLOSEST THEY GET TO ONLINE.


    Granted that I sucked at the one BN game I did play, I'd still like a chance to play the other games on my DS. Without having to download a emulator and rom.

    I kinda wonder what it'd be like on the Wii though.. JUST SAYING. DON'T HURT ME FOR SAYING IT.

  26. The thing is...excluding Legends 1+2 port for the PSP, all the collections thus far were for side scrollers. You can beat each game relatively quickly, especially if it's not your first run. Thus the amount of replay is incredibly high and it comes at the convenience of you being able to play any major installment in the series (at the time of release).

    On the other hand, even excluding features such as wireless and online, a Battle Network Collection just wouldn't be as appealing. Each game is fairly long, on top of having to start from scratch each game can be considered demotivating. As a person who's played a few BN and SF games, it was just tolerable enough to play through tutorials. Imagine that 6+ times in a collection, especially if you're playing across multiple versions.

    Speaking of versions, I highly doubt Capcom would combine versions. But on the other hand, having both versions on the same cartridge seems like a ridiculous feature. You would essentially have 2 versions of 3 through 6. It would complete the collection, yes, but at the same time it would just look like overkill. And then add OSS, BCC, 4.5, mobile games? Even excluding all those, by the time you finish the collection, the next new handheld will be announced.

    Realistically, a BN collection wouldn't be very profitable. Bear in mind the target audience for BN were kids, primarily in Japan, at the time. With SF being irrelevant now, I highly doubt there are many hardcore loyalists that would back the sales of a collection.

  27. @Soultrigger: I beg to differ. There are plenty of people (who I talk to in person, let alone the internet) who have told me they would buy a BN collection.

    I would view having such full, long games as a huge bonus, not a "demotivator". A collection of sizable games that'll last me forever? Score! Buy that up now, baby.

  28. What would happen, if EVERYTHING was combined? Every single battle chip, mega class chip, giga class chip, and Program advance was carried through each game. Minus the repeated chips i.e. Shockwave. Fans would chose the best look for the Battle Network series ( I vote for the EXE 3 look). All the characters would be combined. Enemies, Allies, Rivals, Hidden Boss characters. To give it a kick, instead of a style change in the first three games, Megaman EXE would have Soul Cross like in EXE 6. Imagine having Mist Man EXE as soul fusion option. Or a Serenade version at that. Also, Instead of limiting the soul unison like in EXE 4 and 5, it would be unlimited like EXE 6 (Unless other wise). Oh and even better, instead of scarificing a chip like in EXE 4 and 5, you could just pick out of the Long List of Chracters to chose from. Then if you complete each series, you get a bonus games! Then, have wallpaper from each game cover.

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  30. I hope you guys can like these, they're Megaman forms fan pages:





  31. Some ideas if this comes to light.

    MMBN:BCC- fun extra game.(Playable after OSS)

    MMBN:4.5- they could change the name, due to it not being originally released in US. The touch screen could replace the Battle Chip Gate. The Battle Chip Gate chips could be bought on eShop, and same with Navi Chips.(Playable after BCC)

    MMBN:Phantom of Network- Japan Phone Game. (playable after BCC)

    MMBN: Legend of Network- Japan Phone Game. (playable after Phantom of Network.)

    MMBN:OSS- get us a port, and the first game too.

    MMBN:NT- in between 1 and 2(playable after beating OSS.

    MMBN:2- duh(playable after OSS)

    MMBN:3- both versions (playable after 2)

    MMBN:4- both verions (playable after 3)

    MMBN:5 Double Team- same as DS version. (playable after 4)

    MMBN:6- both versions (playable after 5)

    In addition, it would be on 3ds, have 3 save files on all games, Link navi available, Local battles and tournaments, and possibly WiFi, the Party Battle System from MMBN5 Double Team on all games.

  32. It only took them 10 years from this post (11 by the time it actually releases), but we finally have it.


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