Thursday, February 2, 2012

D-Arts Zero Type 2 Up For Preorder

Right now, Big Bad ToyStore are offering preorders for Bandai's D-Arts Zero Type 2 figure for $45.99, due to ship in June. Alternatively, there's Hobby Search and Amiami... but they're currently sold out. What can I say? The red rocker's a popular fella.

If you're too impatient to wait till June for the English version, then you should probably wait until stock replenishes at either Amiami or Hobby Search. BBTS looks to be stocking up on the English version, whereas Amiami and Hobby Search will ship the Japanese version in May.

The only discernible difference between the two versions (if past tradition holds true) is the presence of English logos and text. Other than that, it's all the same plastic.

Preorder yours here!


  1. But both pre-orders are sold out D:

  2. I think people realized how limited the original X D-Arts release was so they're jumping onto the Zero D-Arts asap.
    Demand sure is high...

  3. Pre-ordered mine before it sold out!


  4. Gotta get that Zero 1st version. It gonna sell out quick too!

  5. Lololo, its funny how rockman's fans are powerfull ! Already sold out? Hahaha! XD

    We must show to capcom and the others how we love Rockman serie!

    I didnt want this figure but its an awesome figure i think :3

  6. @soultrigger
    Limited D-Arts X is??? LOL!!! What? Dude your looking in all the wrong places. I just purchased 4 D-Arts X for my little cousins at $40 each. They're not limited at all, they're mass produced. You can find almost everywhere online. I know some people over price him like on eBay but that's because they think it's rare like some of those old model kits just because it's X. Those are people that don't know anything of Megaman and just trying to rip you off.

  7. Man.. I really wish they went with the gold trim for the legs and chest piece and the touch of fiery red in the hair vs. the plain yellow... The gold trim really looked better.. ah well I guess figures are always a "touch" better on display. Hopping amiami or hobby link restocks soon :(

  8. BBTS still has them for pre order. I just did.

  9. Listen @anonymous (the second one) if the d-arts X is so easy to find then why didn't you post where you bought those 4 X's for your "little cousins" at $40??? Honestly what you're saying smells like bull$#¡% because yeah you can still get it for forty bucks off of sites from japan that still have him but you would still have to pay a $30+ shipping!!!


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