Thursday, February 9, 2012

There's Something Familiar About 'Bravest Warriors'

Eyebrows have been raised at Bravest Warriors, a brand new action show from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. Not necessarily because it's looks neat (it does), but because lead protagonist Chris bears a design strikingly similar to Mega Man... and then some.

Chris (center) strikes a familiar pose...


Whether this constitutes coincidence or playful referencing is perhaps within the eye of the beholder. However, one thing is absolutely certain: Pendleton Ward and character designer Natasha Allegri are self professed gaming fanatics. Adventure Time itself is rife with retro game parodies and general silliness, so there's little doubt Bravest Warriors won't follow suit.

In any case, Bravest Warriors seems like a promising concept, with hopefully more Mega Man-ish nods to come. Additional concept artwork and series info available at io9.


  1. ....

    I can't wait for the bad guys. I wonder if they will parody all the bosses and characters in all Megaman games

  2. Pretty cool. I'll have to keep an eye on this show.

    That cover art of MM1 complete works is definitely my favorite MegaMan image.

  3. His suit also resembles Trigger a little bit, I think.


  4. Looks interesting!

  5. I see Megaman, Protoman, a hybrid of Roll and Searchman, and Gutsman. Perhaps an homage of sorts?

  6. I'd shit my pants if pendelton ward talked capcom into letting him do a actual megaman cartoon

  7. @Above Anon

    It'd take too much flak. Mainly because as pretty much everyone knows, video-game based anythings are usually bad.

  8. In my opinion, it's a good thing.

    Based on that image you posted, I compare the Big dude to Gutsman, the Red guy to Protoman.exe. Chris could be a Volnutt

    The girl I don't know who... perhaps Tron? Queen Tia? Vega? The villian from Legends 2(I don't remember her name)?

    Either way though, should they include a TON of Megaman references and nods, and should the show become popular... It could possibly create a brand new generation of Megaman fans. Granted they might be deluded about Megaman slightly, but the mere fact that if it succeeds may be what finally changes Capcom's mind.

    Who wants to petition the creators to change Chris' hair to brown or black like our blue bomber and his iterations?

  9. Boy, I wish I could rip off other people's ideas, pass them as my own and make a cartoon show out of it...

    Between the two of them, Pendleton Ward and Seth Macfarlane have set American animation back at least another 8 years.

  10. Am I the only person who thinks Chris looks like X more than he does Rockman? That's undoubtedly a similar/the same pose as Rockman, though! Heh.

  11. That costume is CLEARLY Volnutt-inspired. Just look at his chest and neck. Yeah, Pendleton Ward is a bro.

    …And it just dawned on me why the main character of Adventure Time was originally named Pen.

  12. Pendleton Ward?! The dude responsible for Adventure Time?!

    This show will kick ass. Pendleton's Adventure Time is actually one of the better shows on Cartoon Network these days. It's weird and kick-ass at the same time.

    I'll be watching for this. Seriously. God, please let Cartoon Network Philippines get this immediately. Or at least a month after the American premier. PLEASE.

  13. I patiently await the passing of the "hipster-wank" era of animation.

  14. ADVENTURE TIME! I recently watched that show on a trip.. well they had cartoon network there and its weird.
    but lol at the rockman resemblence of this show. Still looking forward to it haha

  15. It looks like a retard tv show as the teletubbies.

  16. Most of these comments sound ridiculous. Especially that Professor Megaman (except he is right about Seth). Watch the original short animation then come back.

    It's like saying the Blue Power Ranger was inspired by Megaman.

  17. @DeathDragon:

    The piece of art in question is what we're talking about. I mean just look at it.

  18. The main character definitely looks more like Rockman X, and I noticed it immediately when I saw the image. Definitely doesn't resemble the original Rockman as much.


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