Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sounds Of Puzzle Battle

The kind netizens of Nico Video have ripped an uploaded Rockman: The Puzzle Battle's soundtrack in its entirety. Spanning roughly fifteen minutes, the soundtrack is comprised of newly arranged pieces from Rockman 1. Have a listen!

Like what you hear? You can download the individual songs via The Mega Man Network. Personally, I think it's a rather nice score, especially for a mere mobile title... and a puzzle game, at that!

Of course, one can't talk about Puzzle Battle without some mention of its artwork -- the icing on the cake. Its visual style is definitely something I'd like to see in a future game, IMO. It'd make for an interesting change of pace from the recent pure 8-bit ventures. Maybe it's just me, but I can't quite imagine a Mega Man 11 with entirely 8-bit visuals again. It was unique the first time around, but a third retro-infused outing might be pushing it. I sort of envision Puzzle Battle's style as a middle ground when it comes to nostalgia; it's retro, but just modern enough to appeal to (mostly) everyone.

Mega Man 11 might just benefit from mixing things up a bit visually. Something along the lines of the above might be the safest, and more "faithful" route to go. You can't please everyone, but hey, it's something different.


  1. The music is nice. You can easily notice it doesn't sounds as spiffy as the NES music. It omits certain sequence parts for the sake of keeping things simple.

    I like it, but I still prefer MM:PU's music over this, remixing-wise. If only PU's music would've been more chiptune and retro and less modern...

  2. Yea !! And I really prefer this art style than the cuty chubby big face Rockman rockman art.

    I prefer a badass rockman than a cute one

  3. @July 3, 2011 7:15 PM Anon:

    And this is why Mega Man Universe was created. Because they thought Mega Man wasn't badass enough. Badarsey over creativity.

    Appeal vs. innovation.

    Common western conception.

  4. Now we need someone remaking MM2's soundtrack a la Puzzle Battle. XD

  5. yea but this game retain the manga/old school/big feet/big eyes rockman art style

    The characters in MMPU was probably drew by the 7 years old game designer's girl or by the creator of powerpuff girls

    But Musashi, I understand what you mean about the western conception and you are right

  6. If we're looking for a cool art style, I'm still waiting for Mega Man Powered Up 2 :P

  7. You say you like this style but it would get blasted in the public eye for being a half assed median between retro and HD.

    No I guarantee it, it'd get hated there would be massive fan backlash and then it'd be tossed to the side just like Universe.

  8. Just like with MM:PU? :3

  9. If Capcom knew what was beneficial for them, they'd bring this game to the AppStore and Android Market ASAP. It's one of the best cell phone games I've seen yet, along with Rockman Tennis and 5 Island Adventure. Port those too! =3

  10. Now those are some awesome remixes. As much as I liked Powered Up's music, I think this has it outclassed.

    Also, I think this game is way too good to be limited to a cellphone. It would also be nice if it at least made its way to Wii Shop Channel, or perhaps X-Box Live Arcade.

  11. This game begs for a DSiWare release.

  12. This soundtrack is really nice! I especially like the Copy Robot theme, since it's a very nice and kind of mellow interpretation of the Robot Factory 1 theme. If there's ever a "Rockman HD", this soundtrack needs to be implemented. It's the perfect soundtrack for those who enjoyed the Famicom music, but thought the PSP music was "a bit too remixed". :3


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