Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reminder: SDCC Exclusive D-Arts Mega Man X

Are you attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con? Then you'd best make haste and head on down to Bandai's booth ASAP. This year's exclusive is none other than a delightfully awesome Metallic Mega Man X D-Arts, courtesy of Bluefin and Tamashii Nations.

The articulated figure boasts a shiny coat of blue-metallic armor... even the packaging is shiny! Inside the box, you'll find a handful of accessories: a set of X-Buster blasts, rotating triple-shot effect parts, detachable hands, and two interchangeable faces. You can check out a boatload of pictures of the figure in action via Rockman Unity, where Bandai's Adam Newman was on-hand to exhibit X before Ucchi-san and Capcom heads.

Metallic X's exclusivity to the U.S is said to be a gesture to Tamashii Nation figure fans who weren't able to purchase the many Japanese exclusives of years past. Further, the very existence of the metallic figure is due to the immensely positive reception Bandai has received from the U.S market. If you're attending SDCC, I'd taken advantage of the offer.

You'll be able to purchase the figure when Comic-Con kicks off on July 20 at the Bluefin/Bandai Booth (3545). Get him while supplies last!


  1. Meh... I think I'll pass on him for now, because even though they say exclusive only at Comic Con, nope, I'm sure to find it on eBay or other sites. But I'm pretty sure it's not exclusive, within time it'll be mass produced. It would of been better if they added a extra feature or accessory too, not just a simple repaint. But I have to admit it looks REALLY cool and shiney in person then the stock photos! Wow!

  2. I'm just glad this exclusive isn't really a new figure

  3. I prefer the regular paint version for this figure. I kinda dislike the shiny paint for figures like this. The way they wear out after a while (Unless you keep it in the box, forever) tends to fade into a dull gray. It makes it look uglier than it would if it were just a regular figure that got old.

    It's the same shiny-paint style as the old Marvel VS CAPCOM figures for characters like War Machine and Rockman/Megaman had. After about 3 years, they became gray in the shiny parts.

  4. Did they list a price for this yet?


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