Friday, July 1, 2011

Have A DASH Of Roll Concept Art (Updated)

Rockman DASH 3 art director Yuji Ishihara has shared a few pieces of conceptual art for Roll Casket, faithful companion and Spotter to Rock Volnutt, on the Japanese Devroom. The sketches show off just how dynamic of a character Roll is via her wide range of facial expressions, and a better look at her new apparel.

The art was accompanied by a few words from Ishihara, though I'd better leave the translating to Greg over at the English Devroom. A translated post should be up there within in the day. I'll update when it happens, but for now, do enjoy the art! 

UPDATE: English translation now available! Click here to check it out!

Credit: Bigdoor


  1. MML3 Devroom activity?

    What the devil?!

  2. Roll is the best character in the series. Nuff' said.

  3. Nice set of expressions. I think she could do with one or two more (particularly an arrogant smirk).

  4. Angry Roll… I really hope I get to see that in the game…

    Uhhhh, I mean, I hope I get to see that, because it's something I haven't really seen before. Not because it would be hot or anything like that…

  5. And where is the suggestive-horny looking roll??

  6. Cleveland your comment's made me reflect on the games. I think the closest Roll's gotten to expressing anger was when Data tried to give her rocket advice.

    She didn't get mad when her ship broke, didn't get mad if Megaman was mean to her, didn't get mad at the monkey when it set her ship on fire, hell she wasn't even really angry when she was insulting Tron's cheap rocket designs.

    I can't imagine what it'd take to get her cloud-puffing furious.

  7. So uh, when is the prototype hitting now?

  8. @Above Anon:

    No news on that yet, I'm afraid.


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