Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mega Man ZX Celebrates 5th Anniversary

It's the early hours of July 6th in Japan right about now, and that makes it official: the Mega Man ZX series turns five-years old today....

The original ZX hit retailers in Japan on July 6th, 2006, followed shortly thereafter by a September release in North America, and a June release in Europe. While Mega Man ZX didn't change the Mega Man formula up too much, it brought to the table some of the best qualities from both the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man X series in one sweet package. The result was a solid gaming experience that rekindled the old while embracing the new.

Initial sales for the original Mega Man ZX proved the series a future, selling just a little over 94,000 units domestically. In true Capcom fashion, work began on a follow-up -- the first (and only) Mega Man sequel to not be identified by a numeric: Mega Man ZX Advent. Advent boasted a few new bells and whistles that solidified the core gameplay experience of ZX, all the while progressing the plot established in its predecessor. A cliff hanger ending awaited players who completed the game in its entirety... and ending that continues to leave us hanging to this day.

Despite racking up generally positive remarks from fans and critics alike, Advent failed to perform in the Japanese marketplace. Initial sales figures were low -- far lower than that of ZX. Hopes of a sales spike were quickly dashed as the game continued to drop down the charts weeks after its release. Fearing the worse, the now-defunct Undersquare reached out for a comment from Capcom, yielding the following ultimatum: if Advent did not sell over 100,000 units, a sequel would not be made.

By the end the fiscal year in '07, Advent only managed to move some 63,000 units in Japan, shattering the prospect of ZX3 in the process.

A year later, the series' status was official deemed "too be determined." It's 2011 now, and not a peep has come from ZX. No games, not even some form of merchandise: no new soundtracks, model kits, little trinkets or shirts. No longer viable to the company, the series faded into the shadows of obscurity, given little, if any, official recognition from Capcom presently.

Demand for a third entry in the series remains unwavering today, and if Legends 3 can prove anything, nothing is impossible. As I always say when it comes to these things, rally the troops. Make some noise. Capcom has, and continues, to listen closely to our fanbase. Thought it may not always seem like it, they are gauging your comments and feedback for the franchise's long-term road map. Where ZX fits into that plan is all up to you.

In any case, today is day a day to celebrate what ZX was and what it could be. Bust our copies of ZX and Advent, kick your feat up and enjoy. If you've yet to play these games, I implore you to give 'em a shot -- they're worth, at the very least, a try.


  1. Goddamit, I miss ZX.

  2. ZX was my favorite series :(

  3. What a damn shame. ZX series was pretty fun and had good music to boot.

  4. I never cared for the ZX series, too many of the forms were worthless glorified item collection keys and not practical for combat. When that's your games main selling point and you bungle it, well I can't say I'm surprised the series died off so quick.

  5. Under-appreciated. In a word, that's how I describe ZX.

  6. I have my doubts on ZX, EXE, X, or SSR getting their well deserved sequels anytime soon.

    Even DASH 3 isn't even truly existing yet. What with the sketchy status of the demo release (delayed indefinitely) and the fact that the 3DS isn't very well sold at the moment (Even the ever-popular Zelda OoT3D sold only to about 20% of 3DS owners).

    It's just a shaky time now.

  7. I miss playing as Model X. Being able to move while using the X2 Buster rocked so hard.

  8. It was nice series but not great series to my opinion. Megaman and X series was the best ever.

  9. I'd love it if they would just do a sequel that would wrap up the ZX Storyline. I need closure for the ZX and Legends series, and I will be happy.

  10. I remember it was going to have an anime or something? It's a shame the series was killed off so soon. The DS was an odd time for the Megaman series where only spinoffs of a spinoffs existed.

  11. zx is a good series, and I guess many people fail to realize that.

  12. Megaman ZX was great and is worthy of having some praise, but ZX Advent had to screw it up.That thing had nothing to do with any of the zero or x series. well at least it wrapped some mysteries from the original zx. also they screwed up vent and aile they both look wierd with vent long haired and stuff.

  13. Mega Man ZX has to be one of my favorite Mega Man games. I love the open world, graphics, and the music. ZX Advent was almost as good as ZX1, but there were too many worthless transformations. I would really like to see Capcom make another ZX game for the 3DS which has more transformations for established characters (Sigma, Vile, etc.), and also gives more backstory on Model A. (Specifically why Model A so closely resembles Axl and yet is supposedly not Axl.)

    Make the next sequel already Capcom. We've been waiting too long.

  14. ZX is a good game but not a megaman game, just a good fake with bad sales.

  15. Above anon... what are you talking about?


    Therefore it is a Mega Man game.

  16. Ah the ZX series. An overlooked and forgotten series of Megaman. I still say it was one of my most enjoyable Megaman games, right after Zero 2. And Z2 is high on my list.

    ZXA was awesome, it was actually the only ZX game I finished (though I did reach only the last Model L stage of ZX). And that final battle with Albert was freakin’ awesome!!!

  17. @Amir

    What are you talking about? According to MediaCreate on the OOT 3DS wiki on Wikipedia, it sold up to 90.02 percent of all copies and Ze;daWii said is selling by the bucketload, so we were really lucky this game boosted the 3DS sales up.

    As for Star Force 4? It ain't gonna happen.

    Star Force 3 is the last in the series.

  18. Can't really say I enjoy the first ZX, but that's mostly because I don't like open map games. Never played the second one.

  19. @HeroManX

    He said 20 % of OWNERS bought it, not 20 % of COPIES sold.

    Basic reading comprehension bud.

  20. @HeroManX:

    Using Wikipedia as a credible resource is never a good idea, dude. XD

    At least use websites that can't be edited by the whims of any random person at any given moment:


    It's funny how you've dropped off the face of the Earth for how long, and then only ever come back JUST to try and argue with me. XD

  21. For the record, Amir, that only applies to the UK.

  22. Ehh, why not. I prefer the Zero series, but I still bought ZX and loved it. In honor of its 6th anniversary, I'll go play through it today :)
    I still need to get Advent though :P

  23. @Amir

    Oh? And you posing as WIndspurple trying to make me miserable?

    I know Windspurple is you, Amir. :3

    Don't try to lie. I learned from a baravle resouce that windspurple is acutally your alternate account.

  24. it's a shame that ZX3 won't happen any time soon.But maybe if the ZX series gather enough support from the fans, ZX3 might happen.

  25. ...You've really gone off the deep end, HeroManX. There's taking a personal grudge too far, and then there's absolute paranoia and insanity.

    Who the heck is this Windspurple, anyways? Haven't noticed anyone named that around these parts. Another website?

  26. It's interesting to see a "Mega Man ZX" trailers otherwise using japanese terms. A nice sight, too, as "Biometal" is about the only one that I don't feel was grossly inferior to its Japanese counterpart. I'll take Rock On over Megamerge any day.


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