Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mega Man Legends 3 Programming Director Encouraging Fans (Updated)

If you're one of the many rallying for Mega Man Legends 3's reinstatement, you can take heart that someone directly involved with the game is on your side.  Legends 3's programming director Yoshiyuki Fujikawa tweeted some words of encouragement to fans on his Twitter today, saying that he's "personally interested in seeing how things turn out."

"While saying that he's not in a position to wish petitioners good luck, he said that he will offer a feeling of support. He also appears to have a positive outlook on the chances of the petition getting notice, saying that perhaps the message will get through if fans show a lot of interest. He also recalled an instance when such fan activities lead to the release of a Nadesico DVD."  -- Andriasang

Fujikawa left no indication if the project will be revived. Nevertheless, we should all take comfort our cause has reached this far -- far enough to hit Capcom internally. Now, what can YOU do from here? Five outlets require your attention and participation, all of which are key factors to possibly reviving Legends 3:

1) "Like" 100,00 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3 on Facebook
2) Get A Servbot Number; Join the Devroom
3) Sign the Capcom Unity Petition
4) Voice your opinions on the project's cancellation directly to Sven
5) Snail-mail Capcom

If you've done all of those, then this is your current task: send tips about the campaign(s) to gaming news outlets. We're talking about the big guns like IGN, GameSpot, G4, Kotaku, etc. The more sites that cover the campaign, the better our chances of increasing our plight's footprint.

All Capcom wants is to see a demand for Mega Man Legends 3. The above outlets are already pretty successful, but for them to reach their maximum potentially, you've got to join in and do your part. I simply can't stress that enough.

Make some noise, folks.

UPDATE: Well, this is odd. Following mainstream exposure of this story, Fujikawa's Twitter closed. Weird.


  1. It's so amazing how much support the Fans get! ;A; I know the chance is low, but somehow I feel, we can win this one. I also spread this already to all my friends, and I really hope we success.

    Don't give up, till Trigger comes back from the Moon everyone! Let's save Mega Man!

  2. I have done all the above and all I can do now is hang around the topic Sven is watching.

    Is there anything else I can do? T_T This servbot is ready to serve and needs tasks!

  3. Even if you can convince Capcom there's a demand I wouldn't expect it to go to the 3DS, lots of companies are fleeing from that as fast as they can these days.

  4. Protodude, can you add the Legends Never Die campaign to that list? For the people who want to show more than just internet-based support. Make Capcom open actual mail! Here is the link:

  5. Let this day come. The great day in video game history where a game was reinstated into development through sheer fan support. Let us show Capcom we want this!!! Let's spread this everywhere! I'm getting more confidence, we now have double the number servbots than before, I've never seen such fan support. I feel like we can do this. =D

  6. Seeing how little I care about Mega Man these days, looks like I'm in the minority with this thing.

    Ah well.

  7. From what I can see, sending a tip to The Consumerist ( ) may be worthwhile. Searching their archives reveals several older stories about Capcom, which this one would appear to fit in with.

    I've sent a tip in (providing a link to ), but I'm guessing that they need more than just one to cover a story like this one.

  8. Send it to IGN. They already did an article questioning whether Capcom is killing Megaman after the Legends 3 cancellation and UMvC3 roster. They would be PERFECT.

    @2nd Anon: Well it's either this or the vita. Keiji already stated it's too expensive to do on the home consoles. And Companies are not fleeing from it at all now shut up with that crap.

  9. At least, i'm far from being the only one to really think we can win this one! We ARE going to win this one with such a great momentum from the fans! It's the first time i took action for a game to resume it's development so it shows how much we care about it! Go everyone!! Don't give up! The rocket is definitly going to be built!


  11. We just passed the 10.000 Servbot mark!

  12. "Seeing how little I care about Mega Man these days, looks like I'm in the minority with this thing.

    Ah well."

    You don't care about Mega Man . . . yet post on a Mega Man blog? Um, why?

  13. I wish there was more I could do to help.
    All I can do is hope for the best. C':

  14. Classic_Megaman of the devroom here. We've more than doubled the devroom's size and its currently over 10,000 in group members. Dont know if they are all servbots, but keep spreading the word! The facebook is ever growing so keep advertising! We can do this!

    Sidenote, my random letter verification to post says "hottea"


  15. Just curious, what's the story of the Mobile Battleship Nadesico DVD?

  16. It seems like he's saying "these don't really have a chance, but I know how you feel."

    Hopefully everything put together will make Capcom give L3 to ... the dude who wants to make it (blanking on the name right now).

  17. I'm Servbot # 010590 :D

  18. In other news, 3DS price drop.

    This should help our efforts immensely, now that more people are going to want a 3DS.

  19. SO!

    The 3DS just saw a HUGE price drop.

    From $249 to $169,99

    Japan from ¥25,000 to ¥15,000. And in Australia, from AUD$350 to AUD$250. Plus, everyone who buys a 3DS before August 12 gets 20 free 3DS eShop games (10 NES VC games, 10 GBA VC games).

    Think this will make the corporative blockheads at Capcom of Japan change their minds about DASH 3?


  20. That twitter account is now toast.

    Probably took it down or he would have lost his job.

  21. Is capcom really this intent on killing MM that they take down their employees accounts for just saying that they feel for the fans?

    What the heck is going on?

  22. i honestly don't think capcom is dead set on getting rid of mega man. it's one of the fan favorite IPs. it just wouldn't make any sense. however, i do think that they had a good reason for removing the employee's twitter account. it's just that there is so much going on behind the scenes right now, they're having to keep everyone confused until they know for sure what they're doing. if you'll notice, they've taken actions that have some believing the franchise is dead, some think it's still going, just not with something financialy risky. it's confusion tactics. when they finaly do decide on a method of action, they'll seem like heroes to at least half of the mega man fan base. better half, than none at all. it's a battle strategy. that's all.

  23. financially risky? Just about everyone I know FREAKED when it was announced that MML3 was canceled. Capcom was spammed to hell on every site they own. I'm surprised there wasn't death threats against them. If this isn't enough to warrant the games release then I don't know what will be. FACT of the matter is Capcom IS trying to kill Rockman.

    They release games that probably won't sell all the freaking time!
    Absolutely everyone complains about the new DMC and UMvsC. RE5 everyone hated, yet 6 was announced. How many RE games do they have planned right now, HOW F%$*ING MANY!! Lost planet 2 was a waste. YET we cannot get even ONE new MM game that ISN'T 8-bit. As if a 3DS game would be such a loss for them after releasing DarkVoid!

    Wake the F$^% UP PEOPLE!!!
    All they are gonna do now for Rockman is release the same games we already played/own. We will probably NEVER see a new Rockman game that isn't a re-release or remake ever again.

    Their excuses for this is the worst I have ever heard in gaming. "WHAUNT IT WON'T SELL" Didn't stop you from releasing God Hand(underrated game BTW). "WHAUNT PEOPLE AREN'T INVOLVED ENOUGH" We aren't gonna make the F$&^ING GAME FOR YOU THEN BUY IT BACK, maybe if you gave it to us for free. "WHAUNT INAFUNE'S LEAVING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT" Hmmmmmm...... funny how you brought it up first capcom...... sounds like cover guilt to me.

    This is it people, Rockman is going the way of Arthur and Veiwtiful Joe, NO WAIT! AT LEAST THEY GOT IN MARVEL vs FU%$ING CAPCOM, There is no F%#$ING EXCUSE FOR THAT AT F%$^ING ALL!!!

    I'm tired of arguing with the ASSHOLES that blindly agree with Crapcom, all of you are full of $h!t. I'm sick of people BELIEVING that if we ask enough it will happen. HOW THE FU*# DO YOU THINK MML3 WAS BROUGHT BACK TO THE SPOTLIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE! DOING IT NOW IS A WAIST OF EFFORT BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY CAPCOM COULDN'T GIVE TWO $H!TS!! They can't give two anything unless its a fighting game! LETS RELEASE ANOTHER DEAD RISING ( 2 ?!?!) BECAUSE NOW IT HAS FRANK FA&@$$ WEST IN IT!! DIDN'T THINK MvsC3 WAS BIG ENOUGH?!?! NOW SPEND 40$ ON THIS NEW ONE THAT HAS ALL THE STUFF (cept MM of course) IN IT!! THAT MAKES YOUR TOTAL MONEY SPENT ON ONE FU%$ING FIGHTING GAME 100$ A$$R@P!NG DOLLARS!!!

    Wake up people, Capcom is playing you all for fools.

  24. Hello I Japanese.

    Capcom said that staff could resume development
    Please help on how to register we wrote in English, please.

    I hope to be able to resume our development hand in hand.

  25. If he closed his twitter account it means he got in trouble for his comment. People have to be careful about what they tweet, especially when it comes to their job.

  26. Worst thing we can do right now is give up. Capcom probably wants the complaining to end--they're just waiting it out.

    Keep going indefinitely! Make the stink last as long as possible.


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