Friday, July 1, 2011

Puzzle Battle Gameplay Footage

Rockman: The Puzzle Battle hit mobile phones in Japan a couple days back, and sure enough we've got some footage to share. The video quality isn't the best, but its bearable -- good enough to make out the gist of it.

According to Cocorog, where the footage originates, the game features the following:

- Using a Robot Master's weakness, you can reduce your opponents attack and defense
- E-Tanks can be found amidst the puzzle board. Using them regenerates Rockman's HP.
- In addition to the six Rockman 1 Robot Masters, other opponents include the Yellow Devil, Copy Bot, and Dr. Wily.
- Special Weapon energy gradually recovers over time. There are no recover items for Special Weapons.

Cocorgo went on to praise the game's art style, which evokes a sense of nostalgia while conforming to what is considered cool and cute by today's standards. Hey, I'm a fan.

As it stands, the Puzzle Battle, like many mobile titles before it, is exclusive to Japan.


  1. Why couldn't this be the music for Megaman: Powered Up? :\

  2. (or at least the basis of it in the case of Gutsman)

  3. Looks like fun. I dig these kind of games.

  4. Oh, so it's more like bejeweled than tetris attack. Oh well. xD

  5. Now if only Megaman Universe had used this same kind of artstyle...

  6. I think... Capcom should remaster the original Mega Man games like this... in HD and include co-op play... though the last two things I just said aren't absolutely necessary. There is nothing I would love more then for Mega Man to get the "Street Fighter II Remastered" treatment.

  7. Wow, the music makes me feel the original game's awesomeness, but its new vibe makes it feel good for the modern gamer. I like!!!

  8. Awesome to the max. Well, the game itself is quite simple. Why not a 8-bit remix of the original game, Capcom Japan? The graphic rework is absolutely outstanding. :) Well, I like MM1 a lot.

  9. can has in states


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