Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amazon Lists Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works

It appears Udon Entertainment is bringing over yet another Complete Works art book. According to a listing at Amazon, Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works is coming stateside on December 8, 2010, retailing at $39.99 ($26.57 via Amazon).

At 176 pages, the book "collects the stunning artwork of every Star Force game, and features character designs, promotional art, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary." In other words, its chock full of art. Pre-order your copy here!

And don't forget, MMBN: Official Complete Works is on the way, too. The book is expected to arrive November 23, 2010. Of course, as with most Udon releases, take these release dates as tentative until something a bit more official pops up.


  1. My favorite handheld Mega Man series is getting its Complete Works book out in the US. Awesome!

  2. ..........Hey did the X, Legends, and ZX series get a Official Complete Works book too?

  3. @DarkEdge:

    Mega Man X received the OCW treatment a couple months back. It's on sale now.

    No Legends or ZX books yet.

  4. Does this mean the StarForce series is over or this just the complete works for the games so far?

  5. It's an obvious sign it's over. Couple this book with the "definitive" ending of SSR3, and the fact that we've yet to see a new game announced: it's over.

  6. Well Operate Shooting Star did. One out after the complete works book in Japan so there might be more Star Force under a different name. Maybe Universe? Anyway, I'm getting this book for sure along with Zero Complete Works.

  7. *sob* it cant end like this we'll just have to wait and see. I mean the X and Classic series got one of these and we know that they'll eventually continue those series plus the OCW only shows all the official artwork so far.

  8. Awesome! I hope I will have money by then to buy these books.

  9. I highly doubt StarForce will end. Knowing Capcom, they may have a few cards up their sleeves.

  10. All I have to say about the SS Rockman Complete Works coming in English is...


    This video, minus the Super SF4 stuff.

  11. Mega Man Complete Works didn't have anything on MM9 and MM10, and yet we still got those titles. Just because it gets a Complete Works book, doesn't mean it has to end immediately.

  12. Sweet, can't wait to get both BN & SF. Anything Megaman is worth a look.

    I assume SF3 was the end, but didn't OSS stuff make it into both the EXE and RNR OCWs? It'd be nice to get another Star Force game, but a main X game would be better.

  13. Too far away!

    All these OCWs are killing off the Megaman franchises.

    Looks like Legends and a new series are all that's left. XD

  14. The Official Complete Works for Classic came out years before Rockman 9 and 10 came out.

    So there you go.

  15. I'll look out for this one just to see all the pre-release concepts :3.


    Hey dude, you seem to like a lot the BN-esque series :P. Can you summarize me what do you like about it? I'm just curious because I actually want to give those games a shot ;D

  16. @ MushashiAA: I'll help out, though it probably won't amount to much.

    Very fun and unique combat system. The games may be RPGs, in which the genre is generally seen as heavily luck-based. However, the actual combat of the EXE/SF series puts tons of emphasis on player skill and reaction speed.

    And by reaction speed, I mean having to make split-second decisions to dodge an attack/have your attack actually hit something. After all, the series' combat system does reward you better for finishing battles faster. I'd say the average (in-game) time to finish each fight is something like 10-15 seconds, boss fights around 25-50.

    Because of this, people either find the games to either be very, -very- hard, or extremely easy.

  17. man I hope this series isn't over I really enjoyed it.

  18. Has the cover for the North American version been released? I hope it's the original Black Ace cover.

  19. @MushashiAA: Just play them and see for yourself. ;)

    Start with BN1, of course, but at least try BN2 before you stop. They corrected a lot of things in that one and introduced styles.

    In star force, I felt like the gameplay had borrowed so much from BN that they got their system down pat in the first one. So if that doesn't cut the cake for you, the second and third ones probably won't either.

  20. Why do some of my comments not make it through?

  21. @Anonymous

    Star Force 3's battle system was actually an improvement over 1 and 2.

  22. @MusashiAA: To understand the EXE universe, know that the stories of each game are mostly self-contained. However, there are a few plot threads that link the EXE games to each other.

    Regardless of the plot threads, 4 pretty much starts a drastic shift that just about snaps the series into two. How much of a shift? Let's just say that if it weren't for 4-6, the series continuity wouldn't be anywhere near as screwed up as it is now. (Although combat mechanics do generally improve... For 6, at least.)

    Therefore, I prefer to split the series into two 'trilogies'.
    - Trilogy 1: EXE 1-3
    - Trilogy 2: EXE 4-6

    1-3 are closely linked together. 4 (or 5) starts its own thing that continues to the end of the series, with each game being somewhat linked to each other as well - but they ignore almost everything that happened in 1-3, save for a few character cameos and brief mentions of that one plot twist regarding Rockman.EXE's very existence at the end of EXE 1.

    Start with 1. Ignore the post-game if you want, as it doesn't contain any story at all.

    Continue on with 2. I suggest clearing the post-game area, seeing as one of the characters there will play a huge role during 3.

    Continue with 3. Ignore the post-game area if you want. Most would suggest completing the post-game anyways, as it answers a few questions about the events of the main story. Many fans also consider 3's post-game sequence to be the best in the series.

    Skip 4. About 75% of the game is pretty much a huge collection of self-contained short scenarios with differing characters. The only thing 4 does in terms of the overall story is introduce a character that continues playing a huge role in 5. Even so, 5 does not directly mention anything he does in 4 as anything important.

    As for 5, pick up the Team Colonel version. EXE 6 treats the events that happen in Team Colonel as canon. Whatever happens in Team Blues/Protoman is completely ignored. You can also pretty much ignore 5's post-game if you want.

    6's story is something. Even though I grouped 6 with 4 and 5 as part of the second 'trilogy', much of the game is drastically different than 4 and 5. It's almost required to have played through EXE 5 Team Colonel to get some of what happens in the second half of 6, though.

    You can ignore 6's post-game as well, unless you're intrested in finding out the (arguably) ultimate fate of a character involved in the post-game sequences of every EXE game.


    As for Star Force, I'm sure others here can explain the story situation with that series better than I can. All I can probably tell you with certainty is that most people that I know suggest skipping Star Force 2.

  23. Not by much though.

    There was a large break between me playing 2 and 3 though, so maybe I just have a faulty memory. I do remember not liking 2.

  24. No way. Don't skip Star Force 2. The storyline is better than the first. The introduction of Burai ( Rogue) and the Tribe system make it worth it. The post game story is long as well. I do recommend getting 3 the most though. The battle system and noise changes when compared to 2 are way better.

  25. No way. Don't skip Star Force 2. The storyline is better than the first. The introduction of Burai ( Rogue) and the Tribe system make it worth it. The post game story is long as well. I do recommend getting 3 the most though. The battle system and noise changes when compared to 2 are way better.

  26. Pfff. I thought the second's storyline was weird and sub-par. I get that the OOParts were supposed to be out-of-place artifacts, but the two worlds just didn't mesh.

    I don't even remember if I ever beat the final boss, which I always do in network timeline games.

    But you might as well play all three. It's by no means a bad game. It's just not as stellar (har har) as the other two or the BN series.

  27. The SF series story is very interesting indeed and tries new things that no Mega Man series have done before. The story is very dramatic, epic, and climatic.

    SF1 isnt really great I must say but neither was BN1, the story is mainly dramatic as they introduced all the main cast that will appear in every SF game and unlike BN1 go into their personal life and eah of their feelings and how they play a role in the story. In BN1 they mainly focused on the main character and introduced a bunh of these characters as either his friends, parents, or rival and never went ino detail of their life and feelings(except Chaud and ProtoMan a little bit). SF1 mainly talks about each characters drama even the main villian at the end and already builds up Geo and Mega's relationship unlike Lan and Mega Man's relation which builded up from BN1-3.

    SF2 was mainly epicness. I dont know why people hate SF2
    's story its maybe because its not as dramatic as SF1. SF2 mainly focused on the Geo and his friends relationship to each other. Their isnt drama scenes that makes you wanna unless for the main villians. They even introduced the main rival to Mega Man, Rogue or Solo like how BN2 did, but BN2 never went into details of Bass's life but SF2 went into details of Solo's life and how he came to be as well as the main villian's life. Most of the bosses like Hyde, Richie, Gerry, and Shaman didnt have any baggage worth dramtic they were just selfish humans wanting power.

    SF3 was....the climax and the best story in a Mega Man series I've ever seen. Everything seem so climatic with some drama too. You dont even have to buy or play the other SF games because they re-explain the events of the past games within the story and a key terms guide. Characters from SF1 and SF2 return for an climatic story with drama and an intense each moment is so memorable and very funny too. I bought this game and as I watched the story unfold I was amazed...The first I felt this was the end but later I realized Climax didnt meant the end.

  28. Climatic? They had good whether?

    Lol, you don't have to buy the first 2! The 3rd one explains the story for you! Don't read the first two books in the series, skip to the last one and read the preface!


  29. @Dark Edge

    Yes! Star Force 3 did have the best storyline in any MegaMan game. It is my all time favorite MegaMan game.

  30. I sorta didnt like the plot in the EXE series from BN1-BN4 almost everything was a coincidence. Like everywhere Lan and his friends goes disater strikes or the bad guy moves and worst part is the main villian barely ever do much about it..If a little kid is getting in your way wont you try to get rid off him.
    In BN1 almost everything was a coincidence that Lan was right there at that momemnt to save the day. The plot was worst than an US comic book until th close end, the story got better and had an decent yet good ending however the obstacle to face all of the villian Navi bosses from game in the last stage wasnt in it so the last stage was whack. What kinda Mega Man doesnt have a stage where you re-fight some of the story bosses over again. Yet the story was plain and overall compared to the other BN and SF games it wasnt that great.
    BN2 there it got better and put stuff that BN1 was supposed to have making the BN/EXE series a series worth buying. BN2 was epic yet most of the events seemed coincidental like BN1 however they toned down the coincidence and made Lan and Mega Man EXE seem more like heroes who show up when you most need them. The story was sorta dumb though how each of the villians were either arrested or killed before they can appear in the last event. I sorta liked the story it was hardcore and made Gospel/Grave seem like a Net Mafia and also with the cursing and that kid Shun doesnt play games and mild language and other stuff just makes it very funny. Its like Soul Eater, hardcore and funny. Its not that great but its better than BN1.
    BN3 was my first Mega Man game and it made me fell in love with the BN series. The story events was also coicidence and World Three were as dumb as ever. The story seemed long and really nice. That was probably the cliamx of the BN series. It was coincidence but they added how Lan and Mega Man EXE were looking for trouble. The story was very nice I say better than SF1 and as good as SF2.
    BN4 was my second BN game and it nearly ruined the BN series for me. The gameplay was okay but the story was horrible. Only good about BN4 was how they expresses Lan and Maylu's relationship as well MegaMan's and Roll's. There was more adventure and romance in this one than drama and climax. The ending was something like a low budget film ending. The ending was wierd it made Regal seem like a psycopath who thinks the world is conspiricing against him. The ending was odd how Regal commits suicide(or we thought) and Duo is still alive. All BN4 did was just explain how evil the world is no lie lesson on friendship or some theme found in animes.
    BN5 the story was okay and decent and the ending was very good and it was very epic especially the ending its like good VS evil and good id winning then evil is winning then good is winning then evil is winning then good wins in the end. The story was basically an war or battle against evil/Nebula and I hated it how Lan's friend's Navis gets stolen so you wont see them in the story til the end and it made Maylu, Dex, and Yai seem like Luna, Bud, an Zack from SF. STILL ITS EPIC.
    BN6 I feel was an experiment for the upcoming SF series and putting SF gameplay and story elements and seeing how the players will react to it. Anyway this story was like SF1's or SF2's story. There was no coincidence in this game everything happened for a reason. The only thing in this game that was coincidence was that BlackBeard got fired and exacted his revenge on the aquarium on the same day as Lan and Mitch goes to the aquarium. Everything else was that since MegaMan EXE absordeb the CyBeast World Three targeted him to get it back. The BlastMan scenario was an coincidence BlastMan had an oppoturnity and took it. Mr. Mach and Blast Man took advantage of Lan's arrival and Mitch's anger towards Lan.
    Overall the story was SF worthy making it just as good as BN3.

  31. My favorite BN game is 5. The whole storyline against Nebula Gray and teaming up with Protoman ( my version ) was amazing. The difficulty level was challenging as well and kept me in the game. The Double Soul/Chaos Unison was also a nice addition. The post game storyline was really hard though and I haven't totaly finished it. Liberation missions were great though especially getting the rare Mega Chip Z-Saber.

  32. Can't wait for this... The exclusive art is really great!

  33. Star Force OCW?! Yes... just YES!! My dreams have come true! Oh, I am SO totally picking this one up!


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