Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mega Man X, Private Investigator

Remember that old Japanese commercial I featured last year? You know, the one featuring a guy in a Mega Man X costume riding a bicycle for no inexplicable reason? Turns out the costumed characters starred in a second commercial, one just as if not more bizarre than the first. This time, X and crew are attempting to solve a murder. The victim? The PlayStation 2 console itself.

Apparently, these zany commercials were part of a cross-promotion with Mega Man X7, Ape Escape, Monster Rancher 4, Bomberman, and JikkyŨ Powerful Pro Baseball 10 that aired during the summer of 2003. There's supposed to be a couple more ads featuring the costume-clad heroes, but they've yet to surface online. I can't even begin to imagine just how bizarre the must be. Hopefully we'll see them one day!

UPDATE: According to a reader, these commercials are actually a spoof on a famous Japanese detective show whose opening theme is used in these commercials. Click here to see the original!


  1. lol This deserves a flash spin-off XD

  2. Your friendly, neighborhood metoolJuly 18, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    Bomberman: What do you make of the scene, X?

    X: What do we know?

    Ape: Ook! From what we heard, the system was threw out a window by a angry gamer, eek!

    Mochhi: The thrower was an avid gamer, chi! He never left his building, chi! He says it was because of a overheated system, Mochhi!

    PawaPro-kun: Your conclusion, X?

    X: I guess this PS2 had to say *Puts on shades* game over.

  3. Lol, the music still reminds me of the music from the Case Closes/Detective Conan anime. With this rag tag crew investigating a murder, it makes the connection even more apparent. XD

  4. I remember that commercial that came out from a magazine cd i used to buy years ago.

  5. Haha, wow. This made my day.

  6. X: Mochhi was hit! Call the Trauma Center staff!
    Ape: The game wasn't released yet.
    X: Call other doctor than!
    PawaPro (at phone): Dr. Wily, we need your help!
    X: No that kind of doctor!

  7. Both these two CM is salute to old dective TV series

    The music is from that series
    and the opening is recreating it.

    check this out


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