Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Back At Axed Wave Two Retro Rotos

Now here's a rather neat blast from the past: a rare look at the canceled wave two line of Jazware's Retro Roto figures, coming from the archives of Figures.com and Toy News International.

As the story goes, wave two would have released back in 2006 shortly after wave one. The line was planned to consist of Heat Man, Wood Man, Ice Man, Snake Man and Dr. Wily figures, as seen above. Unfortunately, the market for the toys waned and many Jazewares Mega Man products were consequently canceled, wave two included. Till this day these figures have never resurfaced, not even in the form of prototypes.

Hope for the release of wave two is bright, however.  The company recently expressed an interest in perusing the production of the figures according to an interview with Jazeware's Scott Levine in addition to new 3.5'' figures. Perhaps the re-release of wave one is a precursor of what's to come? We can hope. Actually, scratch that, you can do more than hope -- you can tell Jazware's you want them via Twitter of FaceBook. You never know, fan support could go a long way.


  1. I know it's "Megaman" and all and he's the original Blue Bomber, but why is there no love for the X, Zero and ZX series? Yes, I know there's figures of X, Zero, and Axl.. but why can't we have a Signas? Or some of the Mavericks? or the gang from NeoArcadia

    Wheel Gator plz.

  2. Cool figures indeed!

  3. @Tcat On Signas/Mavericks/NeoArcadia, it's probably because they are not as popular or well known (or drawn enough) as the Robot Masters

  4. These are the exact figure pictures I mentioned in the last article about the retro rotos. I would not mind having them one bit and I think I will go leave my thoughts to Jazwares. You never know...who's with me?! =)

  5. @Tcat

    Those deserve more detail, and detail costs. But what Jazwares is either missing or incapable of is, I wouldn't mind IF it was on the right figures. Ultimate Armor X, Omega Zero, Aile/Vent Model X/ZX, Giro and Model Z,

    And hey, maybe some final bosses? I mean how kick butt would an X1 Sigma, Lumine, Omega Colossoid, etc. be?

  6. It looks like Wily's about to do a full crotch grab.

  7. When is series 2 going to come out


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