Monday, February 27, 2023

"Rockman EXE NEW STORIES 2023" One-Shot Manga Coming in April

We are less than two months away from Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. And if the release of the Original Soundtrack wasn't already a good enough complementary project, a new one-shot manga by Ryo Takamisaki has been announced.

Find all the details after the break!

In addition to three all-new stories, this 170 tome will also include a reprint of "Runaway Blues", a one-shot that was previously only available with the Rockman EXE Treasure Box in 2021. An English fan-translation of "Runaway Blues"  is readily available. Read it here if you haven't already.

Here's a summary of the new stories translated by our pal Windii:

"Netto Gets Amnesia?"

One day, Netto is injured protecting Enzan while on duty as an official Net Battler. When Netto wakes up in the hospital, he has lost his memory! What is the reaction of Meiru, Dekao, Yaito, and Enzan?!

"Operation Rock & Roll Make Up"

Roll, who wants to be friends with Rockman, asks Rockman out on a date to "run errands for Meiru." However, Rockman is not only oblivious to a girl's feelings, but is also rude to her. Roll is so sad and angry that she starts to cry. What is the friends' plan for the two to reconcile?!

"Fear! Uncover the Secret of the Ghost Island"

A research and experiment area floating in the cyberspace at the dawn of the Internet... commonly known as the Ghost Island. This abandoned area has become a haunted spot in the cyberspace. When a redevelopment project is proposed, Rockman and Blues come to the island to conduct a preliminary investigation for the complete removal of Ghost Island. They are reunited with Colonel and Tomahawk Man, who have been dispatched from Ameroppa. They don't believe in ghosts, and the job was supposed to be an easy one, but...

But that's not all! A rare 4-page color story called "Defeat the Source of the Runaway Panda Car! -Cyber Decisive Battle Edition-" that was distribute during the Hanayashiki Mission 2 event in 2017 will be included as well!

Rockman EXE NEW STORIES 2023, the manga will be available in two versions: A regular version for 1,760 Yen and a limited set for 3,630 Yen. 

The limited edition will be sold exclusively at Fukkan's Online Store. It includes four duplicate original drawings and an extra booklet with storyboards of the first new short story.

If you wish to purchase the regular edition or the limited set, you will have to use a proxy service as Fukkan doesn't ship outside Japan. The chances of an official English translation are unlikely.

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  1. Oh hell yes! I just finished reading the manga a few weeks ago and was wanting more!!!!!!!!!


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