Monday, February 20, 2023

First 4 Figures Teasing New, Upgraded Mega Man X Statue

Compared to the recent Mega Man X4-inspired Zero statue, First 4 Figures' original X piece looks a little... meh. But come later this year, that's about to change.

Alex Davis, a member of the First 4 Figures team, recently shared the above behind-the-scenes image on the F4F Official Collectors Club Facebook page. Horrifying it may be, the accompanying text brought the necessary context: "X is coming later this year!

In addition to the refreshed X statue, Alex also revealed that his design team is currently working on conceptualizing a Full Armor X statue. Alex intends to present the concept to the Facebook group in a few weeks and if there's enough interest, the project will be given the go-ahead.

To keep your appetites whet till then, Alex is asking fans to signup to be notified when the upgraded X goes on sale. Everyone that does gets 10% off their order.


  1. I looked at this pic a few times now on the news list each time I opened rockman-coner and it looks pretty freaky. I'm probably not the only one thinking that. It just looks disturbing, the faces and expressions, being disembodied like that.

    Anyways, more games, less toys, please. Almost March 2023 (almost 5 years after MM11 came) and not one peep of anything coming down the pipeline and still, just dive. Let's hope that this is not a permanent state of affairs (the lack of new games). I was certainly right about Taisen in 2022 being hype. The lack of screenshots is a good hint it was not coming in 2022, and I wouldn't be suprised if it never does and just a rumor mill, but it was likely something we didn't want anyways. Often screenshots or a video of a MM game come a year or many months before a game is released. I can only hope we see a new game within 2 years, and I'm by far not alone here. All we can do is support the X collection sales and MM11 sales and hope, I guess.

    1. I kind of like that "torn apart" look the one closest to the edge has.

  2. Is this what happens whenever X loses a life? ^-^'


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