Monday, February 6, 2023

Rare Rockman EXE Happy Meal Commercial Found

For as long as Rockman Corner has been online, I've been keeping track of seldom seen Mega Man and Rockman commercials. And today I'm adding one more to the mix.

A somewhat long-lost McDonald's Japan commercial for the 2005 Rockman EXE Happy Meal toys has been found. Although glimpses of this spot have surfaced in the past, it's remained pretty elusive until now. But here it is, complete with Ronald McDonald slotting-in a Battle Chip and Akiko Kimura (Rockman.EXE) exclaiming "I'm lovin' it!" in Japanese. Good stuff.

If you want to hunt down the toys themselves, eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Mercari are your best bet. The toys also saw a limited run in Brazil under the Mega Man NT Warrior label too. So if you come across any with the NT Warrior branding, you can be confident that they're authentic. Happy hunting!


  1. Crazy that they actually made it over here to North America.

  2. Sorry...*DIDN'T make it over to North America.


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