Thursday, February 16, 2023

Kotobukiya Full Armor X Review

Released at the tail-end of January 2023, Kotobukiya's Full Armor X is the newest addition to the Rockman X model kit line. From what I've seen, some people have been waiting for this particular armor since the beginning of the line. But was it worth the wait? 

Join me after the break as I outline exactly what it absolutely was worth the wait and why it might be the best kit yet.

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X's First Armor from the original Rockman X is nothing short of iconic, and this kit brings it to life near-flawlessly. While not as flashy and detailed as later armors, the First Armor proves that sometimes less really is more.

For those who followed this line from the beginning, you will immediately notice that this kit goes together much easier than some previous kits. This time, the armor was cast in ABS; a softer plastic. 

This change not only made the pieces easier to cut and prep, but also made them easier to assemble. That, combined with the ever-evolving engineering, makes this kit the perfect entry point to the line for people who haven't jumped in yet.

This kit is modeled after the original design of the armor from Rockman X and the "xtremely" overlooked Rockman X: Cyber Mission rather than the updated design featured in Irregular Hunter X. Seeing this armor with the more modern proportions is always a treat, especially in figure form.

When it comes to accessories, we have our usual X -based set: fists, semi-open hands, fully open hands, a Buster, a sparkly blue charge shot effect piece (also works as a Hadoken!), a stern face, a shouting face, and a brand-new smiling face. The included smiling face is definitely the happiest X has been so far, and who can blame him? This kit is fantastic!

As you can see, the kit is fully compatible with your previous X kits. That means it's time to use your sense and skill to create the X you've always wanted to see!

One thing to note is that the foot parts are much larger than previous kits. I can't really imagine why, but when it's assembled and on the kit, it doesn't really look out of place.

Overall, I find this kit to be excellent and definitely worth the wait. Even right out of the box with no paint added, he perfectly represents the First Armor. If this is a sign of things to come, then I cannot wait to see how the upcoming Blade Armor turns out. These kits seem to get better and better with each release.


Be sure to pick your kit up!

HobbyLink Japan
Mega Man X Blade Armor - to be released in April 2023


  1. Here's hoping this kit is a step towards X1 Zero!

  2. To whom it may concern at Kotobukiya: Thanks for returning to translucent buster parts. It would be nice to include translucent green for the X2 armor buster and translucent orange for the X4 armors when you are printing in those colors again in the next kits. Can't imagine that would cost too much to include one extra part on a runner. And I'd pay the extra $2.

    I got this one on order. I like the more flexible plastic change. It will help prevent stress marks.


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