Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Official Mega Man X + Minecraft Crossover Announced... and Released

Straight outta nowhere, Microsoft has announced AND released a boatload of Mega Man X-themed DLC for Minecraft. Check out the launch trailer above!

From the press release:

Sigma and his Mavericks are back, and they mean business! Jump into the adventure with this official Mega Man world inspired by the Capcom original. Use Mega Man's arsenal of 9 weapons to fight an army of enemies as you make your way through iconic levels and defeat epic bosses! Vibe with the original Mega Man X soundtrack and showcase the classic Mega Man skins included.

So yeah; random... but neat! You can grab the DLC here!


  1. I really do wonder if they're gearing up for some kind of announcement soon. The release of the app Megaman X, now this? Are they really just testing the waters for interest in the series? It just seems so oddly specific to me, especially for Minecraft.

  2. That's pretty nice, actually.
    My brother is really into Minecraft, and decided he would get this because he is familiar with Mega Man from me.

  3. I'll admit, that's actually cooler than I was expecting.

  4. I love it! My only problem is that they did not include Mega Man as a skin, even though they included Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Wily, and Dr. Light. Seems kind of strange that they'd leave the main character out, especially since they decided to add the classic skins anyways.

  5. The least expected, yet most surprisingly cool looking thing I've seen in a while!

  6. This looks cool. I wasn't too big into Minecraft,due to the blocky-ness of it all and the mostly bland areas. But,this looks cool. Hope they do more collabs - and not just with the Mega Man franchise.

  7. I might download and play Minecraft just because of this release and the Batman Family one.

  8. It has come to my attention that there are a handful of Mega Man Classic skins available as part of this pack.

    However, there is no classic Megaman.
    (But, there is Roll. Yay~!)


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