Monday, February 20, 2023

DiVE Armor iCO Brings Her "Administrator Privileges" to Rockman X DiVE on Wednesday

New DiVE Armor characters are still being added to Rockman X DiVE, even amidst the never-ending reruns of previous events. However, no new events are expected until March, which coincides with both the game's third anniversary and a collaboration with a new Capcom IP.

In the meantime, this week iCO is finally getting her very own DiVE Armor. All the details after the break! 

DiVE Armor iCO's first active skill is Laser of Annihilation. It shoots two lasers to the front and, after a short period of time, the orange laser will expand to deal more damage.

Her second active skill is World Formatting. This attack continuously deals damage to all enemies. It has a chance to cause slow or interference status when it hits the target.

Judging by the trailer, her passive skills will provide things like attack and movement speed buffs, damage shield and a preventive shield.

DiVE Armor iCO will be available this Wednesday at the usual time.


  1. Basically they took the two things people are sick of (Rico/Ico variants and Dive Armors) and combined them... again.

    Feels like X Dive doesn't even want to be a Mega Man game anymore with all this OC and Dive Armor focus.

    1. Maybe I’m mistaken, but aren’t they official characters to the Dive universe?

      I haven’t seen any dislike for these characters in the Japanese fandom or in general. I mean, if the Dive series only focused on Z and Zero, that would get boring real quick.

  2. And I already have Dive Armor RiCO, Dive Armor Iris and Via Squared.

  3. Once again... nice freaking model. Why weren't they doing these from the start?? It's like they had this in them all along. What took them so long?? XD


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