Monday, December 12, 2022

"Christmas iCO" Brings the Goods to Rockman X DiVE

We can't say Christmas iCO joining Rockman X DiVE's roster will surprise anyone. The holiday-themed character was foreshadowed last Christmas and then teased in the new content roadmap (not to mention being outright spoiled in the card gallery a few weeks ago).

Nevertheless, it's that time again for another X DiVE Christmas event. You can find all the details after the break!

Christmas iCO's first active skill is Gift Delivery Elk. She rings two bells to summon a reindeer that will charge forward and damage targets in its path.

The attack ignores terrain and tracks targets. You receive a "gift" when you use the skill and another "gift" when the skill hits the target. Depending on the number of "gifts" accumulated, you can receive a variety of effects like damage or defense enhancement.

Her second active skill is Gift Unboxing. Summon a giant gift that deals damage in a wide area, which explodes to deal even more damage. She will gain defense enhancement by 24% when using this skill.

With one of passive skills activated, she recovers HP equal to 24% of the attack when a target is defeated with Gift Unboxing.

As for the general passive skills, she can gain invincibility and debuff protection for a short time when her health it's reduced 30% among other things.


Judging by the roadmap, the game might not feature a New Year-themed character in coming weeks. However, the development team plan on releasing the final Story Mode chapter and raising the level cap before the year ends. Look forward to it!


  1. We're now at 5 Icos in this game, and 4 of them were from this year.

    What's even more depressing is that it's been over 6 months since Dr. Light was added and he was the last non variant newcomer. The game feels less and less like a love letter to the Mega Man franchise and more of just another generic waifu mobile game.

    While it's scummy that it's a gacha game it was exciting seeing them bring characters and forms from all over the franchise's history back in the limelight with quite a few fan favorites finally making their playable debut. But now it's basically been just seasonals, Dive Armors and lazy additions like Bass&Treble. It's no wonder things are getting quiet with this game when you see a new announcement and it's just another Ico or Rico

    1. Speaking of Dr.Light, have they added a santa version of him yet? That would be fitting.

  2. Let's go! Always good to get more iCO alts!

    Honestly, I don't see the big deal about not seeing "big-name" Mega Man characters being brought in when the OCs, imo, are much more entertaining.

    1. The OCs are more entertaining...? Okay coomer. You definitely arent trying to hide that fact

    2. The only original character in this game, so far, has been RiCO – and even she is like an amalgamation of Iris from X4 and NiCO from Dead or Alive 6. All the other "originals" have been rip-offs of existing characters (ViA), variations of established characters (costumes, iCO, et cetera), or bad "OCs" (the Sigma Virus trio).

      Variants like this are just eye-candy and a way to squeeze even more money out of people. If that's how people want to spend their money, so be it. Even when I played this game, I wasn't into "the hunt for skins", so…

  3. If they're about to wrap up the game's story mode, it makes me think end of service could be something that happens late next year.

    I might give the game a look just to go through that bit of fun, at least.


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