Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Launches April 14th, Pre-Orders Now Available

The second Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection trailer is live! A handful of updates came with it... including a release date! The game will launch worldwide on April 14th, 2023

Pre-orders are available now for $59.99, which includes two additional skins for the launcher screen and music tracks to be enjoyed in the Music Player. Digital versions of Volumes 1 and 2 can also be purchased separately at launch for $39.99.


  • Online Net Battles - Host Private Battles with friends or battle random players with Public Battles. 
  • Ranked Matches - Level up your Net Battler Rank as you strive for glory! Choose from different sets of battle rules. Some adjustments have been made to better accommodate online play. (example: CustomScreen will close after a certain amount of time)
  • Public or Private Online Trades: Trade Battle Chips (featuring hi-res illustrations) Style Trade (MMBN2 only) Program Trade (MMBN3 and on)
  • Compare Libraries: Compare Battle Chip Libraries from MMBN3 and beyond with friends online. 
  • Compare Records: Compare boss deletion times in MMBN4 and beyond with your friends.
  • Download Chips: download 15 previously "hard to get" chips. These are event chips that were previously only available in Japan.
  • In MMBN4, you can send Navis to other players. This will let you send your Dark Soul AI to friends online. You can then fight them in Free Tournament to get secret Battle Chips.
  • Every game in the collection is based on the Japanese versions, and the code had to be re-written as a result. So, for this collection, the English versions will have content equivalent to the Japanese versions of each game.
  • The MegaMan.EXE PET on the launcher screen is customizable with two brand-new skins: Hub Style for Volume 1 and Dark MegaMan for Volume 2. Additionally, four new special arrangements of original music from the series will be available in the Music Player as part of the pre-order bonus package.
  • Various technical fixes and adjustments were applied to the games. For example, after finishing MMBN6, when you select the ‘Continue’ option, the tense music from the game’s ending kept playing. The dev team corrected this so that when you continue immediately after finishing the game, the normal music is played instead.
  • The infamous TreeBomb Prism combo from MMBN2 is still intact in single-player. As powerful as it is, it’s been left as-is to "respect the memories of those of you who played these games in their original form". However, when it comes to online game modes, the prism has been adjusted to work more like it does in MMBN3 for overall game balance purposes.
  • A future Mr. Famous presentation with more news and updates will be featured at a later date.

What's more, a "mega marathon" of Seasons 1 and 2 of the MegaMan NT Warrior  will be re-released for free on the Capcom USA Twitch channel and uploaded to the Mega Man YouTube channel in early 2023.

Meanwhile, Rockman EXE to Beast+ will be distributed on Capcom Channel starting today. Rockman EXE episodes 1 to 10 are now available. Episodes 11 to 40 will be published on December 21st.


  1. I never had the chance to get into the EXE/BN series due to not growing up with a GBA, but it looks like now is the perfect time.

  2. You did not include the info from the Japanese video with Meijin Eguchi. Rockman.EXE to Beast+ anime series will be released on the CapcomChannel YouTube from now to next year. Rockman.EXE episode 1 to 10 are now available. Episodes 11 to 40 will be released on December 21st.

  3. Yahoo! So with the NetBattles, is it a different ranking system for each game, or like a combination of them together? And are the fights themselves per game, or is the chip set combined somehow? Either way I'm so excited!

  4. I cant wait for it to come out!!! It's all I'm gonna talk about for a whileee

  5. I wonder when we'll find out about a physical and possible collector's edition being release.

  6. I want to know if the switch version would have a local play like with the gba

  7. Yo im so glad they are adding the anime to online. My god this is huge for the fan base more so those who didnt watch it way back when it first aired!


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