Friday, December 16, 2022

iCO Joins Mega Man X DiVE Next Week

All servers of Mega Man X DiVE's Global Version are celebrating the two week Christmas event "Toll of Christmas Bell from Afar"  with the limited characters Christmas Ciel and Christmas RiCO as the gacha featured characters. If that's not enough for you, the development team will drop another DiVE Fest gacha capsule on all servers next week featuring none other than iCO.

The capsule comes packed with a single free 10-pull.

What's more? The Mega Man Series it's celebrating its 35th Anniversary on December 17th ,and the Global Version team has something special in store to celebrate this milestone.

Look forward to it tomorrow!


  1. It's already the 18th in Asia – not to mention two hours from it in the Eastern US. Did NebulaJoy change their minds?


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