Monday, March 21, 2022

Rockman X DiVE Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Makes "ViA" Playable

Not long after ViA asked RiCO to make him a Hunter Program in chapter 18, "The Dark Blue" hunter joins RiCO, iCO, Droitclair and Angepitoyeir as the newest original playable character. And just in time to celebrate the game's 2nd anniversary, no less!

Find all the details after the break!

ViA's first active skill is ViA Style Sword Technique - Blue. It's a powerful energy attack that strikes all enemies within range. One of his passive skills will let ViA gain a shield when using this skill.

His second active skill is ViA Style Sword Technique - Swift. Performs a quick slash at the target and releases three waves. When playing PVP, you can use this skill to teleport to the location of your rival while ignoring terrain, pretty much the same as ProtoMan.EXE Step Sword skill. 

The event stage Summon the Dark Blue Hunter and the DiVE Festival capsule will go live this Wednesday. What's more? Capcom Japan announced via Twitter that Guild Mode is getting new functions this Wednesday too, look forward to them!

Before we finish, it's worth mentioning that ViA now has a voice after 2 years of being mute. His voice actor is Shunsuke Takeuchi.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like players will be able to get tickets by playing the event stage to activate a gacha capsule. You can look forward to free pulls starting this Wednesday!


  1. Another ZERO clone....

    X2 - Black ZERO
    X6 - Nightmare ZERO
    XDive - ViA

  2. Finally I can play as Zero recolor 3.0

  3. He still looks like a DeviantArt OC.



    1. Haha! That IS the game 🤪

    2. Fortunately, I never wasted time or money on it., It being mobile is enough to drive me away from it, not to mention not a true sequel. One day, let's hope capcom gets smart and makes a sequel to an actual MM main timeline series story mode and all.

  5. I used to think Hunter V's voice was supposed to be ViA's. The again, I don't play Monster Hunter, so maybe it was a generic male character voice

    As for ViA himself, I kinda like him, despite his status as an OC meme. For a recolor, his design still looks nice, and him giving RiCO shit during events only to fanboy himself makes him endearing enough

  6. I still want a skin for Zero that gives him his X1 look. I like the simplicity and sleekness of that design. the closest I'll get is VIA I suppose :P

  7. Well, what do you know. He's a Rank-S character.

    Who would have thought.

    1. I don't think the game is going to be adding anymore B or A rank characters, world 18's Eddie boxes have Second Armor X memories instead of A rank characters memories because there's no more A rank characters without repeating.

      It's a shame too since I always look forward to events with a free A rank character, and they can still add more recolors like forms from Mega Man Zero 2, or easy edits like styles/soul forms of Megaman.exe or noise forms for Star Force Mega Man.


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